X rocker video gaming chair bluetooth

X rocker gaming chair bluetooth – Reviews, Tips, and Buying Guide

X rocker gaming chair bluetooth

The X Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth is one of the most advanced gaming chairs on the market. Whether you are new to video games or have been playing for years, this chair will provide a comfortable environment that allows you to be more immersed in your gameplay. With its ergonomic design and built-in speakers, it is easy for anyone who owns an X Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth to find their next favorite game!

X rocker video gaming chair bluetooth
X rocker video gaming chair bluetooth

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What gadgets can I connect my Bluetooth X Rocker®?

Bluetooth made it possible for chairs work with Bluetooth made it possible for mobile phones like phones, tablets and some computer systems. Your chair will deal with basic video gaming consoles however not in Bluetooth audio mode. Bluetooth video gaming consoles usage bluetooth for controllers and not the audio. Just follow our “wired” audio setup or optional HDMI converter setup for televisions/monitors with only HDMI connections.

How do I hook my chair to my video gaming console?

X Rockers are developed to run through your tv or screen audio. You can discover particular connect details at our support/manuals page in either “connection guides” or “manuals section”. You can utilize an USB converter or HDMI converter (optional, not consisted of) if you want to link to your video gaming console direct.

Where do I discover the design number or item number?

The design number can be discovered in 2 locations. A) It is the last 5 digits of the barcode, situated on a tag, on the back of the chair. B) It lies on the cover of the owner’s handbook, towards the bottom and preceded by the following. “Have this number ready when calling customer support.”

My tv does not have RCA connections, just HDMI. How do I connect my chair?

If your tv just has HDMI connections you will require to acquire an HDMI converter. We have an HDMI converter connection guide on the X Rocker® assistance page.

Regarding our cordless designs . . . What does “wireless” imply?

Wireless -capable video game chairs are developed and constructed for users who want to get rid of the requirement for audio cable televisions that range from chair to television, video game system, and so on. *Please Note: A) cordless designs can still be hard-wired, if required. B) All our designs (consisting of “wireless” ones) obtain their power from a power adapter that ranges from chair to power outlet.

If I acquire a cordless design chair, do I likewise need to acquire the cordless package?

No. A cordless design chair features all the required elements to allow the cordless function.

What is consisted of in one cordless package (retrofit package)?

One receiver, one transmitter and a set of relevant (basic) RCA audio cable televisions.

How do I avoid frequency-bleeding in a space loaded with cordless video game chairs?

It might be possible to frame a chair’s transmitter in a metal box, directing it’s beam to the designated chair through package’s open end.

Will one TX box (transmitter) send out noise to numerous chairs?

Yes. The band frequency (1, 2 or 3) on the chairs should be the exact same as the frequency on the TX box.

Does a power adapter for TX Box (transmitter) include the chair?


Where do I discover a power adapter for the TX Box (transmitter)?

X-Rocker (Ace Bayou) does not bring and/or offer this adapter. Typically, electronic devices shops such as Radio Shack bring them.

What specifications do I require to understand when searching for a power adapter for the TX Box (transmitter)?

Look for a power adapter with an electrical output that is DC 3V/ in between 1000 and 2000mA.

When my chair remains in usage, will sound likewise originated from the television, surround-sound, and so on?

No. Sound will just originate from the chair.

Will utilizing my X-Rocker empower me to control the video-video game universe?


What is the seat height on our pedestal-mounted game chairs?

Approximately 18 inches off the flooring.

Is the seat-height on a pedestal-mounted chair adjustable?


On average, how away the ground is the seat of a floor-rocker?

Approximately, 8.5 inches.

What is the weight limitation on our chairs?

The advised optimal weight limitation for our floor-rockers is 275 pounds. Pedestal-installed: 275 pounds. Recliners: 400.

Can my floor-rocker be transformed to a pedestal installed video game chair?

No. A floor-rocker is not crafted to rest on the installing elements.

Can my pedestal-mounted chair be transformed to a floor-rocker?

The installing elements on a few of our chairs can be eliminated, making it possible for the chair to sit and rock on the flooring.

Which gadgets work with our video game chairs?

Any gadget that can producing and/or rerouting sound by means of basic RCA audio cable televisions. These consist of (however are not restricted to) tvs, all video game system makes and designs, DVD gamers, MP3 gamers, hand-held video gaming gadgets and mobile phones.

How do I change-out my chair’s control board?

Step 1: Remove the screws that keep in the panel. Step 2: Pull the panel out of the chair. Step 3: Remove/ unclip the sets of wires clipped into the back of the panel. (If solidified adhesive exists, merely pry off.) Step 4: Plug/ clip the sets of wires into the brand-new panel. Step 5: Slide brand-new panel back into chair. Step 6: Insert screws back into the panel.

Can I utilize a game-play head-set with your chairs?

Typically, yes. For more comprehensive guidelines/ details, please get in touch with the head-set maker.

I remain in the United Kingdom, how do I get assist with my chair?

What is the polarity of the video game chair’s adapter?

The power adapter needed by the chair is positive-tipped.

Will my fellow game-players, who do not own X-Rockers, effort to dismiss the KING?

. . . Possibly

What is the innovation utilized to develop the vibration function (on numerous designs)?

Unlike a rumble-pack that is typically discovered in video game system controllers, the X-Rocker’s vibration function is the outcome of integrating volume, bass and a vibratory system.

Can I get an individualized/ customized chair?

Currently, we are not providing this choice.


If you are looking for a wireless gaming chair with video and audio connections, the X Rocker Pro Series Wireless Gaming Chair is definitely worth checking out. This high-quality piece of furniture offers unparalleled comfort while providing all the features that make it easy to sit back and enjoy your favorite games from anywhere in your home. With this type of technology at an affordable price point, there’s no reason not to purchase one today – so what are you waiting for?

X Rocker gaming chair bluetooth is a comfortable and affordable way to enjoy your favorite video games. If you’re looking for a new design that will make the experience even more immersive, take advantage of our deals on headsets and sound systems. We can also help you find other accessories like steering wheels or joysticks if what you need isn’t already in stock. Whatever it is, we have an unbeatable selection at low prices- so check out our inventory today!