The Truth About Vet Diet Dog Food: Are Prescription Foods Worth It?

Have you ever wondered why your vet recommends those expensive prescription diets for your furry friend? You might be surprised to learn that veterinary diets are not held to the same standards as regular dog foods. In fact, they often contain the same low-quality ingredients found in cheaper alternatives. So, are these prescription foods really worth the extra cost? Let’s dive into the truth about vet diet dog food.

Vet Diet Dog Food
Vet Diet Dog Food

The FDA’s Involvement

When it comes to regulating dog food, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) oversees the industry. However, if a dog food wants to make specific health claims, like reducing urine pH, the FDA steps in. The manufacturer must provide data to back up these claims. But for less specific claims, such as promoting healthy skin or a glossy coat, no pre-market approval is required. The assumption is that any decent food would provide these benefits.

Veterinary Diets: Food or Drug?

Prescription diets, on the other hand, fall into a gray area for the FDA. Should they be classified as drugs or food? The FDA isn’t entirely sure. As a result, veterinary diets are regulated as foods, not drugs. This means they don’t have to meet the same rigorous standards as drugs. They simply need to meet nutritional requirements set by AAFCO or pass a feeding trial. Most importantly, they must be labeled for intermittent feeding only.

The Vets’ Role

Interestingly, the FDA practices what’s called “enforcement discretion” when it comes to prescription diets. They assume that vets’ training is sufficient for them to safely use these foods. However, most vets receive only basic nutritional training, which is often biased as it comes from the same pet food makers who produce veterinary diets. This raises questions about the reliability of the information vets receive.

The Truth About Ingredients

You might think that prescription diets contain special ingredients that regular dog foods lack. However, this is often not the case. Many of the ingredients found in prescription diets can be found in over-the-counter foods. The same pet food manufacturers that produce veterinary diets also make regular, low-quality foods using similar ingredients.

Take, for example, Purina Pro Plan Joint Mobility vet diet. One might assume that an expensive diet like this would prioritize quality ingredients. However, the ingredient list tells a different story. The first ingredient is brewers rice, which is high in arsenic and linked to various diseases. Followed by genetically modified corn gluten meal and poultry byproduct meal, the list goes on. These ingredients are often no different from those used in cheaper foods from the same manufacturers.

The Scam of Veterinary Diets

In my opinion, veterinary diets are among the worst quality and least-safe foods you can give your dog. They are often loaded with highly inflammatory ingredients, which is ironic considering their purpose is to aid with inflamed joints. The sad reality is that these prescription diets continue to be sold and recommended by vets, who often fail to provide hard evidence that these ingredients are any better than those found in regular foods.

A Healthier Alternative

If you’re concerned about the quality and cost of prescription diets, there is a better way. You can feed your dog a healthier diet, even on a budget. Instead of relying on expensive prescription foods, consider opting for a regular dog food that meets AAFCO standards. You can supplement it with fish oil and glucosamine, which are commonly found in prescription diets. This way, you have more control over the ingredients and can save money in the process.


The truth is that veterinary diets are not always what they seem. They often contain the same low-quality ingredients as cheaper alternatives, yet come with a hefty price tag. Before blindly accepting your vet’s recommendation, take a closer look at the ingredients and ask for evidence that they are truly superior. Remember, you have the power to make informed decisions about your dog’s health and well-being.

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