The Forest Rebreather Location

The Forest Rebreather Location – HOW TO FIND THE REBREATHER | Updated Location

The rebreather is one of many tools that you’ll find along the way in The Forest. What exactly does it do? Well, let me tell ya!
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What Is The Rebreather?

The Forest Rebreather Location
The Forest Rebreather Location – HOW TO FIND THE REBREATHER

The rebreather is an underwater tool that players use to dive for prolonged periods of time. It does this by using air tanks and causing divers’ heads grow dark from lack visibility, but with one major exception: the player’s HUD changes so you know how much breath they have left in their tank! This makes it possible if we find more locations where these tools are located on land or at sea?

After finding and equipping the rebreather, you can find two air canisters nearby. The first is on a yacht near dive spots while another one lies in plain sight next to it as well!

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Rebreather Map Location

The Rebreather is found just before a water hole to the left of an submerged entrance in cave 5. When you reach this area, look for it on the skeleton next with two air tanks nearby- these will be your ticket back up out!

The rebreather can be found just before a water hole on the right side of submerged area. It’s next to an airtight container with two other dead bodies and some rocks nearby, so get ready for some treasure hunting!