The Carnivore Cure: A Journey to Health and Healing

Are you ready to embark on a nutritional journey that will transform your health and debunk misinformation? Look no further than “The Carnivore Cure,” the groundbreaking new book by Judy Cho, also known as Nutrition with Judy. In this interview, she shares her personal story, the benefits of a meat-based diet, and why she wrote this comprehensive guide.

The Carnivore Diet Book
The Carnivore Diet Book

A Journey of Healing and Nourishment

Judy Cho, a nutritional therapy practitioner and author, has always been passionate about treating the root cause of health issues. In her clinical practice in Austin, Texas, she focuses on helping her clients heal through a meat-based diet and supporting gut health. With a degree in psychology and communications, Judy understands the importance of addressing the underlying issues that contribute to poor health.

After experiencing the positive effects of a ketogenic diet, Judy decided to take it a step further and try the carnivore diet. She was amazed at the results. Her mood improved, her binge tendencies vanished, and she found herself nourished in a way she hadn’t experienced before. Motivated by her own transformation, Judy wanted to share her knowledge and help others improve their health.

The Birth of “The Carnivore Cure”

“The Carnivore Cure” was born out of Judy’s desire to create a resource that provides everything one needs to know about a meat-based diet. When she first started her carnivore journey, she realized that there was a lack of easily accessible information. While there were numerous resources available for keto and other diets, she couldn’t find the same level of detail for carnivore.

To fill this gap, Judy began creating graphics and sharing them on Instagram. The positive response from her followers motivated her to continue sharing her knowledge. As she delved deeper into nutrition and obtained her nutritional therapy certification, Judy realized that there was a need for a comprehensive guide that covered all aspects of the carnivore diet.

Your Ultimate Resource for Carnivore Nutrition

“Carnivore Cure” aims to be the go-to resource for anyone interested in the carnivore diet. Whether you’re a carnivore beginner or have been following the diet for some time, this book has something for everyone. It is designed as a reference guide, allowing readers to dive into specific topics of interest. With chapters covering concerns such as cholesterol, environmental impact, missing nutrients, and more, “Carnivore Cure” provides a one-stop resource for all your carnivore queries.

Judy’s book also caters to individuals with autoimmune disorders or severe gut health issues. For those struggling with autoimmune conditions or extreme gut damage, the carnivore diet can serve as an elimination protocol. By starting with certain meats that are less likely to cause reactions, individuals can slowly reintroduce other foods and find their personalized carnivore approach.

Long-Term Carnivore and Personalized Diets

Is the carnivore diet suitable for everyone long term? While Judy believes that most people can thrive on a meat-based diet indefinitely, she also recognizes that it may not be necessary for everyone. For those who find the carnivore diet to be their optimal way of eating, there is no need to reintroduce other foods. However, if individuals want to reintroduce certain foods occasionally or in social situations, Judy encourages flexibility.

She emphasizes the importance of finding resiliency in one’s diet and being able to enjoy special occasions without fear or guilt. The ultimate goal is to have a healthy relationship with food, nourishing both the body and mind. Judy believes that true health is achieved when one can be flexible with their choices while still prioritizing their overall well-being.

Overcoming Mental Barriers and Redefining Identity

Transitioning from a plant-based or vegetarian lifestyle to a meat-based diet can be challenging, both mentally and emotionally. Judy understands the attachment we form to our identities and the stigma surrounding eating animals. However, she encourages individuals to practice “ahimsa,” the principle of doing no harm. By prioritizing our own health and nourishment, we can better care for ourselves and, in turn, be more mindful of the animals we consume.

Judy also advises individuals to get to know their farmers and support regenerative agriculture. By choosing meats that come from farms that treat their animals well, we can ensure that we are making a positive impact on animal welfare. It’s about finding a balance between personal health, ethical considerations, and the greater ecosystem.

The Worst and Best Plant Foods

While the carnivore diet focuses primarily on meat, it’s essential to know which plant foods to avoid completely and which ones can be tolerated by most people. Judy highlights that every plant contains anti-nutrients, but some are more detrimental than others. The worst plant foods include seeds, nuts, grains, processed foods, artificial food colorings, and seed oils. These foods are high in anti-nutrients, such as lectins and phytates, which can damage the gut and lead to health issues.

On the other hand, there are five plant foods that are generally well-tolerated and low in anti-nutrients. These include lettuce, cabbage, chives, bok choy, and arugula. These plants have minimal or no lectins, phytates, or other harmful substances, making them a safe addition to a carnivore or meat-based diet.

Embrace the Power of Carnivore Nutrition

“The Carnivore Cure” is more than just a book; it’s a guide to reclaiming your health and embracing the power of nutrition. Judy’s personal journey, expertise, and dedication to helping others shine through in every page. So, if you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey to better health, get your hands on “The Carnivore Cure” and uncover the secrets to a thriving meat-based lifestyle.

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