Respawn 110 gaming chair review

Respawn 110 gaming chair review

Video Respawn 110 gaming chair review

If the Respawn 110 has to do with attempting to show anything, it’s that not all video gaming chairs are made equivalent.

Indeed, while it can often be challenging to inform one black and red video gaming chair apart from the next or to figure out the distinctions in between top-brand chairs, the makers of the Respawn 110 video gaming chair appear to have actually set themselves the difficulty of producing among the most distinct chairs on the marketplace, guaranteeing there’s no misinterpreting a Respawn when you see one.

To that end, they’ve mainly achieved success.

Undoubtedly, this is a striking furniture piece that’s almost ensured to be a talking point the next time you have pals over to check out that brand-new PS5 video game.

Still, as all of us understand, looks aren’t whatever.

As unabashedly cool and special as it might be, how does the Respawn 110 hold up in regards to all the important things that actually matter, like quality, convenience, and enduring sturdiness?

That’s precisely what we set out when we put this distinctive chair through its speeds here at Office Chair Picks HQ.

Here’s what we discovered:

Respawn 110 Review

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Red (RSP-110-RED)

First Impressions

Look, we dislike to rave it, however there actually is no escaping the truth that the Respawn 110 video gaming chair appears like absolutely nothing else on the marketplace.

It’s the very first thing you see about this chair and the very first thing that individuals are most likely to speak about when you bring one house.

It’s thick, chunky style recommends a remarkable level of convenience and integrates with both a strong, racing cars and truck style to make this a strong alternative for anybody who actually wishes to produce a strong, effective existence with their video gaming setup.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Green (RSP-110-GRN)

That’s prior to we even discuss the color options.

If you’re an X-Box fan, you’ll most likely like the black and green variation that made our list of the very best X-Box One video gaming chairs of the year. Alternatively, the red, white, gold, and silver trims, along with the timeless all-black appearance remarkable.

Before we proceed and take a look at what this chair is really like to utilize, we’d be remiss if we didn’t explain that some users grumble that the Respawn 110 has an especially strong smell about it when you initially take it out of package

In basic, this is absolutely nothing more than the type of “new car smell” you get with any brand-new item, however if it is troubling you, just see our guide on how to clean up a video gaming chair and offer it an excellent clean down prior to usage.


One of the lots of things we like about the Respawn 110 is that in spite of there being a lot to it, it isn’t all that challenging to create.

The chair comes out of package in 6 pre-assembled pieces together with the tools you require to put the entire thing together.

Give yourself 10 – 20 minutes to just lock whatever firmly into location and you’re great to go.

If you’d rather invest more time video gaming than establishing your furnishings (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t?), then that’s another tick in the win column for this one.

Size and Specifications

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Green (RSP-110-GRN)

If you’re trying to find a video gaming chair to support huge and high users, you might not discover what you’re trying to find with this one. While the 275 pounds weight limitation definitely isn’t irrelevant.

Chairs like the Autofull Gaming Chair can support 330 pounds while the Killabee Big and Tall 825 includes a strong 400 pounds weight limitation, making them far better choices for those who require the additional assistance.

Still, the Respawn 110 isn’t precisely small, either.


Overall Chair Width28.5”Overall Chair Depth26”Overall Chair Height51.5”Seat Depth21.25”Seat Width 21”Adjustable Seat to Floor Height19.25″ – 22.50″Adjustable Backrest Recline90° – 1550°


Much like the popular Von Racer Ergonomic 8280 Series, the Respawn 110 functions both a cushioned back assistance and cushioned headrest which do their tasks extremely well and assist avoid back and neck discomfort throughout those long video gaming sessions.

That’s simply for beginners.

The double-thick, additional large seat includes segmented cushioning to offer much better assistance, and the entire thing is upholstered in bonded leather.

This not just makes it incredibly simple to tidy, however supplies a luxurious, luxurious surface that makes this one so welcoming to just sink into and lose yourself in your preferred video game.

Adjustability and Ergonomic Features

Of course, plus seats and headrest cushions are a terrific method to enhance a chair’s convenience level, however if you’re stuck in one stiff position things can begin to get quite aching, quite fast.

Fortunately, Respawn have actually thought about whatever and included some quite good adjustable functions.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Red (RSP-110-RED)

First up, there’s the totally reclining 90° – 150° back-rest. While it’s not unusual for video gaming chairs to recline, couple of deal such a substantial reclining variety, nor do they have arm rests which move with the back-rest.

More typically than not, you’ll discover video gaming chairs keep the arm rests in a set position with the back-rest reclining to just a little number of repaired positions.

With this one, you can recline all the method from totally upright to totally flat and lock into position any place feels most comfy to you.

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Red (RSP-110-RED)

Add in the truth that this is among the very best video gaming chairs with a footrest that you’re going to discover at this rate variety, dnd you’ve got a chair that can be totally extended if you choose you wish to lie back and take a fast nap in between working your method through Cyberpunk 2027.

This outstanding level of adjustability likewise tends to make this chair an exceptional option for anybody trying to find a great deal of adaptability from their video gaming chair.

While they might be developed mostly for whiling away the hours on the PlayStation 4, having the ability to lean back, lie flat, or stay up right indicates that chairs like this one can likewise show their worth simply as much for whiling away a lazy afternoon seeing Netflix as they can for rocking as much as your desk to get some work done.

Build Quality and Durability

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Chair with Footrest, in Green (RSP-110-GRN)

While convenience is unquestionably the most crucial quality in a video gaming chair, the construct quality and total sturdiness definitely can’t be neglected.

After all, what good is a chair if it seems like paradise to being in however then is up to pieces in no time at all?

Fortunately, that’s something you’ll never ever need to learn with the Respawn 110.

For one of the most part, this is a chair that’s constructed to last and will more than hold its own in any sturdiness test when compared to chairs in a comparable rate variety.

However, we can’t disregard the truth that some users have actually grumbled that the chair doesn’t tighten up too as it maybe must throughout the assembly point, resulting in unsteady arm rests and other problems.

While this appears to be the exception instead of the guideline when it pertains to the 110, it’s worth bearing in mind.

Also worth bearing in mind is that the more you utilize any item or piece of workplace furnishings, the much faster it’s going to begin revealing indications of wear and tear.

If you’re utilizing this chair throughout the day, every day, then it might not serve you along with a more pricey, premium-brand chair.

However, if you’re just a casual player who delights in being as comfy as possible when you play, it must still serve you well for a long period of time to come.

Respawn 110 vs. Respawn 100

RESPAWN 100 Racing Style Gaming Chair, in Gray (RSP-100-GRY)
Respawn 100, through Amazon

So, how does the Respawn 110 accumulate compared to the popular Respawn 100?


The initially, and many obvious distinction is that the Respawn 100 doesn’t included a foot rest.

For some, this might be an offer breaker, while for others, the 110’s footrest might have just been a reward function to start with and it may be something you might quickly do without.

Recline Angle

It doesn’t recline rather as far, either. The Respawn 110 has a 150-degree back-rest recline compared to the 100’s 130-degree recline.

On the plus side, it’s likewise a lot more purpose-built particularly for video gaming. While the 110 is an excellent suitable for casual players who might likewise wish to utilize it for unwinding and seeing television, the 100’s comfy, cushioned seat and racing style design make it a terrific option for more major players.

Respawn 110 vs. Respawn 200

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair, in Gray RSP 200 GRY
Respawn 200, through Amazon

Both the Respawn 110 and the Respawn 200 are proof of the business’s enthusiasm for ingenious style, though every one shows this in a various method. Compared to the thick, large cushioned seat and back remainder of the 110, the 200 boasts a slim, diamond-shaped back-rest that offers it a striking look.

The huge distinction though, remains in the method the 200 supplies convenience.

Rather than supplying back assistance in the type of a cushioned cushion as the 110 and 100 designs do, the Respawn 200 has actually incorporated back assistance constructed into the back-rest, so if you discover that an external cushion is too fiddly or simply doesn’t work for you, this may be a much better alternative.

It might likewise be a much better alternative if you discover that you just get too hot while video gaming, as this is the only chair out of the 3 to use a breathable mesh style that assists keep you cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Respawn 110 Chair included a service warranty?

The chair has a general life time service warranty plus prolonged assistance offered seven-days a week, so you’re constantly covered if something fails. That stated, the service warranty on the leather upholstery just lasts 2 years, so if it begins to break and peel prior to then you can get in touch with Respawn for a replacement.

How Much Does the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Weigh?

The chair itself weighs simply under 52 pounds and can support as much as 275 pounds.

Are Respawn a Good Gaming Chair Brand?

On the entire, yes. Though every brand name will naturally have its critics and critics, Respawn have actually taken a substantial specific niche in the video gaming chair market by integrating striking styles with exceptional convenience.

Can the Respawn 110 be utilized as an Office Chair?

Technically, yes.

In truth, considered that video gaming chairs are constructed to keep you comfy throughout those marathon video gaming sessions, there’s really a respectable argument for utilizing a chair like the Respawn 110 if you require to put in some major hours at your work desk.

That stated, given that they’re likewise constructed for completely various things, you might discover that operating at a keyboard throughout the day isn’t as comfy in this chair as it would be if you had an excellent quality workplace chair like the Herman Miller Embody.

Verdict: Is the Respawn 110 Chair Worth It?

So, what’s our last decision? is the Respawn 110 video gaming chair worth the cash?

On the entire, we’d need to state yes. Though we began this guide by stating the brand name’s objective appeared to be making distinctive chairs that stood apart from the crowd, if you ask individuals behind the North Carolina-based brand name, they’d inform you that they’re real factor d’etre is to provide quality, ergonomic video gaming chairs at inexpensive, mid-market costs.

Either method, they’ve been successful. This isn’t the most top-of-the-range chair you’re ever going to discover and if you have the budget plan to invest a bit more, then it’s definitely worth doing so to get back at much better quality and lasting sturdiness.

Still, this is definitely not a low-cost chair, and in spite of appearing like it may be all sizzle and no steak, that special, distinctive style is backed by an amazing level of convenience that even some chairs much greater up the rate scale can match.

All in all, what we’d state is that while hardcore players and those of a bigger stature might wish to conserve up for a higher-grade chair to guarantee unsurpassable assistance even after years of substantial usage, casual players trying to find a comfy chair with a really remarkable style quality will discover a lot to like about the Respawn 110.

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