gaming chair ranboo What Gaming Chair Does Ranboo Use?

What Gaming Chair Does Ranboo Use?

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What Gaming Chair Does Ranboo Use? Do you love playing video games, but hate having to sit on the floor? Do you long for a gaming chair that will make you feel like a king or queen of your kingdom? Look no further than Ranboo! Our chairs are designed to provide you with hours of comfortable play. Plus, our stylish designs will add some flair to your gaming room. So come on over to Ranboo and pick out the perfect chair for your next gaming session!

Who Is Ranboo? Some Background Infogaming chair ranboo What Gaming Chair Does Ranboo Use?

For everybody’s advantage, let’s begin by briefly reviewing the numerous profession accomplishments of Ranboo.

Born April 8th, 2004 in San Francisco, California, Ranboo is a more recent YouBulb who got his start in 2020. We don’t understand his name or a lot about him due to the fact that Ranboo is really selective about the info he exposes. You never ever see him in his videos without his hallmark black and white facemask and sunglasses. He has actually mentioned he may do a face expose sooner or later.

After developing his YouTube channel in January 2020, Ranboo submitted his very first video that August. It was a video gaming video, which later on motivated Ranboo to begin utilizing Twitch. Between publishing material on YouTube along with TikTok, Ranboo attained 200 YouTube customers on his very first day on the platform.

Before 2020 ended, Ranboo’s Minecraft material resulted in him getting a welcome to be part of the Dream SMP, a Minecraft server. Some of his streams on the server have actually generated more than 100,000 live audiences.

Ranboo’s primary channel has 3.28 million customers and more than 49 million consider as of August 2021. His brand-new channel Generation Loss, which began in August 2021, currently has 197,000 customers regardless of that Ranboo hasn’t submitted material to the channel yet.

Ranboo’s Gaming Chair Features & Benefits

Ranboo is utilized to amassing attention, so it just makes good sense that he streams in the ultra-colorful DXRacer Unicorn. Here are some functions of Ranboo’s video gaming chair.

Unique Style

The polyurethane leather that covers the DXRacer Unicorn is anything however bland. The seat and back-rest with an integrated headrest are mainly pink with white. Bright teal blue trim and accent panels along with intense purple accent panels unite all the colors of a unicorn.

As is the color pattern isn’t cool enough, the DXRacer Unicorn likewise includes 2 black unicorn eyes-complete with eyelashes-in the center of the back-rest. The DXRacer Unicorn has the chair brand name’s logo design sewed in white on the front and back of the integrated headrest.

If you’re stressed over the colors losing their appeal, there’s no requirement. DXRacer utilizes stain-resistant PU leather for the Unicorn chair.

Sturdy Base

The luxury inlaid color bar base and the metal structure of this chair produce one tough seat. The two-inch casters are constructed from iron yet can roll easily approximately 360 degrees so you can take a trip throughout your video gaming space.

It’s not a surprise then that the DXRacer Unicorn can support users who are 5 feet, 8 inches high who weigh approximately 200 pounds.

Molding Foam

If you’re going to stream or record YouTube videos for hours at a time, you require a video gaming chair that’s comfy to being in. The DXRacer Unicorn is it. Underneath its PU leather shell is a layer of high-density shaping foam that molds to your body.

The tailored fit of this chair resembles a glove. Anytime you take a seat, you’ll feel comfy so you can solve to playing.


The molding foam is for more than simply convenience, however ergonomics too. Yet that’s not the only location of ergonomics included in the DXRacer Unicorn. When you purchase this video gaming chair, DXRacer includes a totally free present of 2 pillows.

One is a PU-coated back-rest pillow. It’s mainly white with purple accents. In the center is the DXRacer logo design sewed in purple. By connecting this pillow to the lower half of the back-rest, you’ll delight in back assistance.

The headrest pillow nestles your neck and head for higher convenience. This pillow has a more contoured shape. It too has a PU leather shell in pink with purple accents. In the center is a white sewn unicorn horn.


The DXRacer Unicorn includes modifications galore! The angle adjuster is shiftable to 135 degrees so you can stay up directly, lean back a little, or go almost all the method back in this video gaming chair.

A height modification pedal triggers the Class 4 gas lifts for flawlessly raising or reducing your chair. The 3D armrests can go up and down, slide backwards or forward, or turn external or inward.


You appreciate the world, therefore does DXRacer. Their Unicorn video gaming chair has actually made its REACH Certificate of Compliance. This indicates the chair passes EU Reach Regulations No. 1907/2006. DXRacer points out utilizing less extreme chemicals when producing its chairs like the Unicorn.


DXRacer covers the Unicorn under an extensive guarantee. The frame is safeguarded for life whereas you can get the devices changed for 2 years without sustaining the expense.

How Much Does Ranboo’s Chair Cost?

You’re definitely thinking about Ranboo’s chair the DXRacer Unicorn, however you’ve learnt more about something. How much does this video gaming chair expense?

The DXRacer Unicorn retails for $400 on the main DXRacer site. That rate consists of the totally free present of the headrest and back-rest pillows, which are a $50 worth.

Should You Buy Ranboo’s Chair?

Now that you have all the info on Ranboo’s chair, the DXRacer Unicorn, it’s time to choose. Is this video gaming chair right for you? To assist you respond to that concern, let’s take a look at what’s great and what’s not so great about Ranboo’s chair.

Beginning with the great things, the DXRacer Unicorn is a durable video gaming chair. It includes a first-class base made from sturdy steel, thick yet portable caster wheels, high-density molding foam, and PU leather.

Admittedly, PU leather doesn’t look or feel as great as genuine leather, however in this case, that’s all right. The Unicorn is a really vibrant chair, so nobody is anticipating it to look practical. Besides, the PU leather is stain-proof, and it likewise keeps the rate of Ranboo’s chair affordable.

To advise you, the DXRacer Unicorn costs $400. Some of you reading this may have sticker label shock at that expense, however it’s about average for a premium video gaming chair.

If you purchase a chair that’s $100 or less, it’s frequently made from really inexpensive products. Chairs that are $500 to $700 or greater are tough to validate for numerous purchasers, which’s even truer of chairs like those from Herman Miller that are well over $1,000.

Plus, part of that rate includes your life time guarantee on the chair frame, the two-year guarantee on the devices, and the consisted of totally free back pillow and headrest pillow. This chair likewise has a series of adjustments-such as a high degree of recline and 3D armrests-that aid validate the rate.

Now onto what’s not so terrific about the DXRacer Unicorn. For one, the ergonomics are almost non-existent. Yes, you can recline the chair and you get a back assistance pillow, however compared to the developments in chair ergonomics on the marketplace, this is little.

Ergonomics aren’t truly something that somebody Ranboo’s age appreciates considering he’s not even 18 yet. Young players likewise won’t care much, however if you’re somebody who’s susceptible to pains and discomforts and you’re trying to find a brand-new chair, perhaps the DXRacer Unicorn isn’t it.

The colors may likewise be polarizing to some individuals. The Unicorn includes all the colors of that legendary animal along with a unicorn face on the chair. It’s cutesy and enjoyable and there’s no navigating that.

Of course, DXRacer has lots of less vibrant chairs if that’s more your thing.

Alternatives to Ranboo’s Chair

If several functions of the DXRacer Unicorn have actually offered you stop briefly, that’s all right. It’s however among numerous video gaming chairs out there like Ranboo’s. I wish to take this area to speak about 3 terrific chair options that you may choose more. They are the Secretlab Titan, the GTRacing video gaming chair, and the AKRacing Core EX.

Here’s what you require to understand.

Secretlab Titan Evo

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series is the most recent in the line of amazing video gaming chairs from this maker. If you’re into the colors of the DXRacer Unicorn, the brand-new Titan has numerous skin choices, consisting of Secretlab Signatures, Esports Editions, and Special Editions.

You can pick from 3 chair sizes, little (approximately 200 pounds), routine (approximately 220 pounds), and XL (approximately 395 pounds), the very same of which cannot be stated for the DXRacer Unicorn.

The Titan is readily available in Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette, which resembles PU leather (however greater quality), however you can likewise acquire the Titan in genuine Napa leather must you wish to.

The pebble seat base is for your convenience, as is the four-way L-ADAPT lumbar support group. Ranboo’s chair has no similar function. The armrests of the Titan are 4D rather of 3D so they move much more.

If you like the concept of a head pillow, the Titan includes one with memory foam and magnetic functions. It stays with the chair immediately, no requirement to protect it with straps or Velcro!

The Titan likewise includes a layer of foam, however theirs is cold-cured and trademarked for the perfect mix of firmness and softness.

These updated functions do come at a rate. The Secretlab Titan begins at $450. If you desire Napa leather for your chair, then it costs $900.

GTRACING Gaming Chair

For the chair buyer on a spending plan, the GTRacing video gaming chair expenses less than $170. It has an integrated headrest similar to the DXRacer Unicorn. You likewise get the headrest pillow and the back assistance pillow for the back-rest.

PU leather in several colors coats the outside of this chair. It’s mainly black with accent shades such as red, green, or purple. There’s likewise a pink and white variation of the GTRacing video gaming chair that’s about as close of a color match to the DXRacer Unicorn as you can get.

The casters of the GTRacing video gaming chair are made from nylon instead of metal, however they are linked to a first-class base. The chair can rotate 360 degrees and recline in between 90 and 170 degrees; it likewise rocks. The DXRacer Unicorn is missing out on a few of these functions.

Adjust the seat height or the armrests of the GTRacing video gaming chair, however do remember that the arms aren’t 3D, so that’s a benefit the DXRacer Unicorn has.

AKRacing Core EX

The 3rd DXRacer Unicorn option I wish to talk about is the AKRacing Core EX. It’s a close match to the DXRacer Unicorn, potentially the closest of the 3, however less vibrant.

Admittedly, this one doesn’t look just like Ranboo’s chair, however for less than $350, it’s an excellent spending plan choice.

The steel frame of the Core EX is bonded by hand and after that ended up with anti-corrosive powder-coated paint and support belts. The frame is created to last for a years.

The cold-cured foam may be an action above what you’d discover in the DXRacer Unicorn. Also, the AKRacing EX includes a material upholstery rather of PU Leather, so for those of you who desire a softer, more breathable product, the AKRacing chair may be a much better fit.

The armrests of the Core EX are 3D for turning them to the side, pressing them backward and forward, or moving them down or up. The chair can likewise rock, and its Class 4 lift permits you to change the height of the seat quickly. There is no tilt angle lock.

A gaming chair, also known as a video game rocker, is a type of chair that is designed for use while playing video games. Gaming chairs have been growing in popularity in recent years and are available from a variety of retailers. -A gaming chair can provide several benefits to the gamer, including increased comfort, better posture, and improved focus. -When choosing a gaming chair, it is important to consider several factors, including the size of the chair, the materials used in its construction, and the features it offers.

FAQs about gaming chair ranboo

What type of chair does Ranboo use?

Ranboo uses a DX Racer gaming chair.

What is the height of Ranboo’s chair?

The height of the chair is adjustable, but Ranboo typically has it set to the highest setting.

What color is Ranboo’s chair?

Ranboo’s chair is black with red accents.


What Gaming Chair Does Ranboo Use? A gaming chair can be a great investment for any gamer looking for increased comfort and better performance. When choosing a gaming chair, it is important to consider all of the different options