Protopie Io Examples

In July, we organized the “ProtoPie 5.0 Playoff” design contest on Dribbble. Participants were challenged to create an innovative interaction design that enhances everyday interfaces. The response was overwhelming, with nearly 150 submissions pouring in from all over the world.

The level of creativity displayed by the contestants left the judges in awe. Each prototype had its own unique characteristics. After careful deliberation, the judges faced the difficult task of selecting the top 14 submissions. And now, we present you with the best of the best.

🏆 Grand Prize Winner: Calendar Animation by Khonok Lee

Khonok Lee from China has revamped the calendar app by expanding the display scope of the schedule. Users can now zoom in and check the details of the schedule without having to click on it directly. Additionally, the time can be changed by simply dragging the schedule range with a finger. This interaction method is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. Check out the prototype here and the Dribbble submission here.

🏆 3 Runner-Ups

Mocky App by Ahmed Amr

Ahmed Amr used ProtoPie to create a web application prototype tool that allows designers to animate their designs in a mockup. Explore the prototype here and the Dribbble submission here.

Signal Pong by Edmund Boey

ProtoPie proves to be a versatile tool for game UI designers as well. Edmund Boey utilized it to create a game prototype that enhances the user’s gaming experience. Try it out for yourself here and find the Dribbble submission here.

Email App Interaction by Briandito Priambodo

Briandito Priambodo came up with an innovative way to handle emails by distinguishing regular emails from favorites. Users can now select or mark multiple emails as favorites simultaneously. Get a glimpse of this prototype here and view the Dribbble submission here.

🏆 10 Finalists

The top 10 finalists stood out with their exceptional prototypes. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Finance App Visual Interaction 2.0 by Arpit Agrawal

Arpit Agrawal created a finance app prototype with a clean and simple interface. The dynamic flipping effect when viewing the back of the bank card adds an elegant touch. Experience the prototype here and check out the Dribbble submission here.

Payment App – Split a Bill Flow by Vikram Singh

Vikram Singh’s payment app prototype offers an engaging menu transition, capturing the user’s attention. Witness the stunning animation here and explore the Dribbble submission here.

THE OFFICE by Junhyuk Jang

Immerse yourself in an office-themed card battle game prototype created by Junhyuk Jang. Play the game here and discover the Dribbble submission here.

Node Player by Migue Nodos

Migue Nodos designed a minimalist-centric player for iOS devices. With its simple UI layout and practical features, it offers a convenient user experience. Try out the prototype here and view the Dribbble submission here.

Coffee Machine App Prototype by Kalpesh Prithyani

Kalpesh Prithyani crafted a delightful animation of coffee flowing into a cup using a video. ProtoPie’s versatility shines through as it supports importing Adobe XD and Figma files in addition to images and videos. Pour yourself a virtual cup of coffee by exploring the prototype here and admiring the Dribbble submission here.

Whack-a-mole by Kang Changmo

Challenge yourself with this interactive Whack-a-mole game prototype created by Kang Changmo. How many points can you score? Grab a virtual mallet and test your skills here. Don’t forget to peek at the Dribbble submission here.

Ride App Showcase by Ariunbold Ankhaa

Explore an interactive ride app where native keyboards on devices can be utilized through the addition of input layers. Discover the prototype here and take a look at the Dribbble submission here.

FastMath game by Eugeny Entweihen

Eugeny Entweihen presents FastMath, a game designed to help children learn math while having fun. Sharpen your math skills and enjoy the game here. The Dribbble submission can be found here.

Yoga Timer by Max A. Acres

Max A. Acres adds a dynamic time progress bar to the countdown in the Yoga Timer prototype, providing a more intuitive visual representation of time. The interface is simple, clear, and packed with practical features. Set your yoga session with the prototype here. Take a glance at the Dribbble submission here.

Sparrow Notes App by Jiaxin Z.

Jiaxin Z. introduces a unique feature in the Sparrow Notes App prototype by allowing cards to be dragged left or right. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen enhances the overall experience. Peek at the prototype here and explore the Dribbble submission here.

These extraordinary prototypes demonstrate the boundless possibilities offered by ProtoPie. Whether it’s improving everyday interfaces, creating game prototypes, or designing innovative apps, ProtoPie empowers designers to bring their ideas to life. So, grab your creative spirit and start crafting your own masterpieces with ProtoPie today!