Lily-Rose Depp: A Regular Twenty-Something with Extraordinary Coolness

Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of renowned actor Johnny Depp and French singer/model Vanessa Paradis, may seem like an untouchable cool kid, but beneath her glamorous exterior, she’s just like any other twenty-something. Don’t be fooled by her wealth and fame – there’s more to Lily-Rose than meets the eye.

Lily Rose Depp Diet
Lily Rose Depp Diet

Embracing Individuality and Confidence

Growing up in Europe, Lily-Rose was instilled with the values of authenticity and self-confidence by her mother Vanessa. Vanessa, an iconic figure herself, faced criticism during her career for embracing her sensuality. Lily-Rose acknowledges the struggles her mother endured, stating, “People were truly horrible to her. It was a different time… Women weren’t as celebrated for being comfortable in their sensuality.” Lily-Rose credits her French upbringing, where her body was never seen as something shameful, for her confidence and self-assuredness.

A Fashionable Upbringing

While most of us hide our embarrassing baby photos, Lily-Rose has one that could easily grace the pages of a fashion magazine. The daughter of a style icon, Lily-Rose often accompanied her mother to Chanel fittings in her younger years, where she was captivated by the magic and excitement. Lily-Rose fondly remembers meeting Karl Lagerfeld during these visits and describes him as sweet, down-to-earth, and caring. Her mother’s extensive Chanel collection has become a goldmine for Lily-Rose, who continues to have a deep fondness for the brand.

A Special Connection with Chanel

When Lily-Rose received the call to work for Chanel in 2015, it was a dream come true. Her grandmother acted as her manager, just as she had for Vanessa. Lily-Rose felt a deep connection to the luxury brand, considering it a family. She stated, “Chanel feels like a family in a way that no other working relationship ever has… The work is great, but the people behind it make it really special.” Lily-Rose credits her relationship with the late Karl Lagerfeld for jump-starting her career.

Balancing Normalcy and Fame

Despite being raised by two celebrity parents, Lily-Rose had a relatively normal upbringing. Her parents prioritized her privacy and taught her the value of a normal life. Lily-Rose witnessed her mother’s struggles with the press and understands the double-edged sword of fame. While she embraces social media and shares glimpses of her life, Lily-Rose sets boundaries to protect her privacy. She strongly believes in not giving everything away and cherishes her personal life.

The Real Lily-Rose

As a young woman who has spent a significant portion of her life online, Lily-Rose recognizes the impact of social media. Despite her active presence on Instagram, she admits that it’s not healthy to be constantly on social media. Contrary to popular belief, her Instagram feed does not reflect her entire life. Lily-Rose describes herself as someone who is secretive and discreet, preferring to spend time at home with her loved ones.

From Modeling to Acting

Although Lily-Rose comes from a family of actors, she didn’t initially see herself pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Her first role in Kevin Smith’s film “Tusk” was a fortunate accident. She seized the opportunity when it presented itself, and her performance alongside her real-life best friend, Harley Quinn Smith, led to a spin-off film called “Yoga Hosers.” Lily-Rose’s passion for acting continued to grow, and she found herself drawn to the magic of being on a movie set.

Honoring Her Mother’s Legacy

Lily-Rose holds her mother, Vanessa Paradis, in high regard and continues to honor her legacy. In a stunning photoshoot for CR Fashion Book, Lily-Rose emulated her mother’s style and youthful energy captured by photographer Steven Klein. Recreating her mother’s iconic looks allowed Lily-Rose to embrace her own individuality and showcase her maturity as she turned eighteen.

Love and Career

Like any young woman, Lily-Rose experienced love, and she fell for actor Timothée Chalamet. Their relationship remained mostly private, but Lily-Rose spoke highly of her co-star and his talent. Lily-Rose enjoys working with passionate actors who bring vulnerability to their roles. However, as of April 2020, reports suggest that the couple has parted ways.

Beyond Beauty

Known for her beauty, Lily-Rose understands that true success goes beyond physical appearance. She is committed to honing her craft as an actress and has even hired an acting coach to develop her skills. Lily-Rose acknowledges the importance she places on her appearance but emphasizes that being a smart and kind person is more valuable than being beautiful. She has learned to focus on her inner qualities rather than solely relying on her looks.

A Fusion of Cultures

Lily-Rose straddles two worlds, being both European and American. However, she feels a strong connection to her French roots and has a penchant for French scripts and productions. Lily-Rose appreciates the sensibility and depth present in French storytelling. Despite this, she considers herself connected to both cultures and effortlessly transitions between a French persona and a Valley girl when in Los Angeles.

Carving Her Own Path

While having famous parents can open doors, Lily-Rose understands the expectations placed on her. She acknowledges that she has to work twice as hard to prove herself in the industry and demonstrate that her success is not merely a result of her family name. Lily-Rose is determined to make her mark independently and has chosen roles that resonate with her on a deep level.

Embracing Growth and Individuality

Lily-Rose has learned to navigate the challenges of fame and prioritize her personal growth. She embraces her uniqueness and cherishes her privacy. Lily-Rose values authenticity and confidence, thanks to her mother’s guidance. As she continues to carve her own path in the entertainment industry, Lily-Rose remains committed to showcasing her talent and proving that her success is well-deserved.

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