Jeongyeon’s Journey: From Weight Gain to Weight Loss

Jeongyeon, also known as Yoo Jeong-yeon, is a talented South Korean singer and a member of the popular girl group TWICE. With her strong vocals and impeccable dancing skills, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. However, Jeongyeon’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining her physical appearance.

Jeongyeon Weight Loss
Jeongyeon Weight Loss

Changes in Jeongyeon’s Appearance

Jeongyeon has always been known for her fit and strong physique, which is a common requirement for K-pop artists. However, in recent times, the public has been shocked by her noticeable weight gain. Some even considered it the most shocking change in K-pop history. As a member of TWICE, one of the industry’s most successful groups, maintaining a busy schedule can be demanding. Despite this, Jeongyeon and her fellow members have worked tirelessly to stay active and engaged. Unfortunately, in late 2020 and 2021, Jeongyeon had to take a break from her activities, adding fuel to the speculations surrounding her weight gain.

Jeongyeon’s Hiatus and Comeback

In October 2020, Jeongyeon went on her first hiatus from TWICE activities, sitting out of promotions for the song “I Can’t Stop Me.” However, she made a highly anticipated return to the group in January 2021, appearing at the Seoul Music Awards. Fans were delighted to see Jeongyeon back, but they were also taken aback by her apparent weight gain. Despite the criticism, many fans defended and protected Jeongyeon, emphasizing the importance of supporting idols beyond their physical appearance.

Jeongyeon’s Weight Loss Journey

In June 2021, Jeongyeon made her comeback with TWICE for their promotions of the song “Alcohol-Free.” During this time, she revealed that she had lost eight kilograms in order to present her best self to their fans, known as ONCE. However, her rapid weight loss raised concerns among online communities, with many worried that she may have taken unhealthy measures to achieve such a drastic change. It is important to note that Jeongyeon was still undergoing treatment for both her physical and mental health, making her weight loss journey even more challenging.

Understanding Jeongyeon’s Struggles

Jeongyeon’s weight fluctuations have garnered both sympathy and criticism from netizens. The sudden weight gain was attributed to her hiatus, during which she had to focus on her recovery from psychological anxiety and a herniated disc in her neck. The medications she took for her condition led to side effects such as water retention and hormonal imbalances, resulting in her change in appearance. While some fans sympathized with her struggles, others used this opportunity to criticize her physical appearance, causing further distress.

The Road to Recovery

Despite the challenges, Jeongyeon has shown remarkable resilience. Her recent live stream during her 26th birthday anniversary drew attention to her significant weight loss. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see her looking healthy and radiant once again. It is a testament to Jeongyeon’s determination to overcome her obstacles and prioritize her well-being.

In conclusion, Jeongyeon’s journey has been one of ups and downs. From facing weight gain and criticism to embarking on a path of recovery and weight loss, she has displayed strength and resilience throughout. As fans, it is essential to support and uplift our favorite idols beyond their physical appearances. Jeongyeon’s story serves as a reminder that everyone faces their own battles, and it is through empathy and understanding that we can truly appreciate their journey.

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