Best Gaming Chair Mats for EVERY Floor Type [2021 Edition] – The Gamer Collective

Best Gaming Chair Mats for EVERY Floor Type [2021 Edition] – The Gamer Collective

Below is a list of the best Gaming chair mat voted by users and compiled by us, invite you to learn together

Video Gaming chair mat

Gaming is among the most popular pastimes for millions and countless individuals around the globe. Especially after the pandemic, individuals were required to be within their homes. Gaming was among the couple of manner ins which they might check out various locations and gorgeous brand-new worlds with no constraints. The unfortunate part about being a player is that your flooring or carpet gets badly harmed by your long video gaming sessions.

So, whether you like your video gaming chair is on a carpet or on a wood flooring, video gaming flooring mats are something that you truly need for that included defense! We’ve collected a list of the very best flooring mats for video gaming chairs that you can discover in the market, let’s solve into the guide!

Best Gaming Chair Mats

Below is our list of the very best mats to utilize for each kind of flooring. You’ll discover that a lot of floor covering types are completely suitable with any hard-floor designated mat. Carpet is a completely various monster. Our list includes incredible chair mats that will work perfectly with your video gaming chair and whatever floor covering you might have in your office or home.

We have actually picked the mats listed below based upon our own screening in addition to the evaluations of other players. These are high quality chair mats that look excellent, however likewise have exceptional performance.


The very first set of mats we’re going to concentrate on are suggested mostly for wood floorings. This indicates they’re perfect for real wood floor covering, laminate, vinyl slab, tile, vinyl, or any other hard-surface floor covering type.


This mat from Homek is particularly produced difficult floorings. It will safeguard your video gaming requires from scratching the floorings, while likewise keeping your chair casters safe from wear and tear. This mat works really efficiently on any difficult surface area, and can even work good enough on any low stack carpet floorings. It works excellent with difficult floorings instead of carpets since of its rubber support. The rubber support holds the flooring mat in one location, while likewise lowering the noise you make as you move your chair around.

The surface area is smooth and resilient, enabling less roughness upon usage and more dependability from the item. The mat has an overall of 7 edges, which secures it from snuggling and constantly keeps it tidied. You can roll it up for a month and toss it in the storage, it will still be directly when you roll it out. Oh, and as a perk it can be found in 2 gorgeous colors, with a REALLY cool looking style to offer you that legendary video gaming sensation!


Unlike the Homek mat, this video gaming floormat from GTRacing isn’t developed to be utilized on any soft surface areas or carpets. You can utilize it for both video gaming and workplace work, it will still safeguard your difficult floorings from scratches and damage all the exact same! The perfect surface areas to utilize this on according to the info on their amazon page is for “vinyl, concrete, laminate, and hardwood floors.” This mat features a rubber cushioning below to keep it stuck in one location; it is likewise water resistant so you don’t need to stress over any slipping. The surface area is constructed of Polyester Fiber, which supplies a smooth and soft area to move your chair around in.

The highlight about this specific mat is that it was produced utilizing a totally environment-friendly procedure. The products they utilize do not have any bpa, smell, and are devoid of phthalate and other damaging contaminants throughout development. It likewise is SUPER resilient, which indicates longer usage and lower waste. You can get this mat in Blue and Red, if you desire circular shape rather of rectangle-shaped then you have the black and the Shark style to select from. Note that the Shark style is $10 more pricey than the routine ones.


This wood flooring video gaming mat is definitely stunning to take a look at. This mat not just has among the most special art styles on its surface area, however likewise has the very best functions such as the rubber cushioning for additional stickiness to the flooring, the sound and curve canceling product it is constructed of and the octagonal style that makes it simple to roll and offers it no crevices on the surface area. Areia’s Galaxy Gaming Chair Mat is gorgeous, resilient and made totally out of natural rubber products and polyester micro fiber material.

This mat is finest matched to wood floorings, and ought to not be utilized on carpets, although if the carpet has a thin surface area then you can utilize it to acceptable levels of work. The gorgeous purple, black and white color scheme make this mat a should have for players of all sizes and shapes, the visual alone deserves the cash!


Pick any out of the numerous creates that Florpad needs to use on their look for these video gaming flooring mats. Florpad is not simply among the most trusted business in this field, however they’re likewise among the most greatly teamed up ones. Collaborating with huge E-Sports companies such as Natus Vincere and Penta E-Sports, their items are authorized by method more E-Sports companies. Fnatic, Tempo Storm, NaVi, Penta, MVP, EMonkeyz, INF and lots of other companies utilize their Gaming Chair Mats for their gamers throughout competitive matches.

Their flooring mats are SUPER high quality too, and they come at appropriate rates. They use excellent flooring defense, the normal anti-slip cushioning on the bottom side of the mats and these mats are likewise water resistant. Not to discuss they have actually included advantages, such as the 2-year ensured guarantee, the 5 Euro shipping on all European orders and their assistance being the best and most friendly worldwide of mats produced video gaming chairs.

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Cougar is an exceptionally trusted brand name worldwide of not simply video gaming and video gaming devices. From their incredibly reliable earphones and headsets, to their video gaming chairs and desks, they’ve got it all covered. So naturally their flooring mats are something of a premium item. Just like we’d anticipate, this flooring mat includes a few of the most important requirements for difficult floorings, such as the rubber cushioning to avoid any slipping, long-term, smooth and resilient material for a quiet and trustworthy experience and the extremely cool looking Cougar logo design plastered on to offer you your cash’s worth on the brand name!

This is absolutely a difficult flooring mat, and ought to just be utilized on a more difficult surface area, utilizing it on a carpet ought to be avoided. Get this gorgeous player chair mat to make your setup look much cooler and much safer!


This next area is committed to players that have carpet floor covering in their video gaming area. Carpet is softer and more thick. This usually indicates it’s far more challenging for the caster wheels on your video gaming chair to roll and the chair might go into the carpet, too. To safeguard the carpet from damage and bring back smooth rolling and use of your chair, you’ll wish to have a look at our list of the very best mats for carpet listed below.


Cleartex’s COLORTEX line of flooring mats for computer game chairs are the very best choice for carpeted floorings in any video gaming space. This is a medium to low stack flooring mat, that can be found in an excellent color and a long lasting style. This has an ergonomic style which offers it an extremely smooth area to move your chair easily in. It keeps carpeted floorings safeguarded from any and all damage that your chair might trigger them such as tearing, creases or spills. If your chair doesn’t have wheels below and is a flat surface area, this mat will hold it down quite well and guarantee an excellent video gaming session for you.

It comes geared up with operating gripper systems on the underside of the chair mat, which is layered with ribs or spikes to assist protect the mat securely in location on your carpet, while likewise not harming it whatsoever. It comes jam-packed flat, with no rolls whatsoever. It needs no more cleansing on arrival or any treatments to get the correct usage out of it, just take the gorgeous pink or blue video gaming chair mat out of package and utilize it!


This mat was more produced workplace usage however we don’t believe there’s a guideline that states you can’t utilize it for your video gaming sessions! The OFM ESS carpet flooring mat is a simple style, which uses acceptable efficiency at good rates. It is developed to avoid your chair from sinking into the carpet itself, and avoid any damage to the carpet floor covering in general. The rectangle-shaped style makes it simpler to move from one side to the other, and the transparent appearance that it uses will keep that gorgeous carpet of yours revealing regardless of the mat being there for convenience.

This one can be utilized for medium to thick stack carpet, since of the long grippers and the thick body it has, it is resilient and definitely suits put on your carpet. This attends to a durable, unmovable video gaming mat that will boost your video gaming efficiency in each and every single method. Carpeted floorings are the very best method to utilize this mat, it has an ergonomic style indicating it pursues effectiveness and convenience over design and visual, which is clear from its low rate point and strong style!

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This player chair mat is whatever! When you open this connect you can select what sort of surface area you desire the mat for, and picking the carpeted flooring mat is the much better choice. There’s a lots of range in difficult flooring video gaming mats anyways, so having a hexagonal mat with grippers rather of spikes it has tire-like style to offer it an anti-roll and slip cushioning. It can be found in just one color; Jet Black and it looks incredibly quite.

This six-sided black mat ideal for video gaming chairs is so eco friendly that it was accredited Gold by GREENGUARD themselves for the most affordable emission of gasses throughout and after production. This is a thick, resilient and stylishly streamlined mat that will look excellent with any good video gaming established. Whether you’re a banner or simply wish to enter into a video gaming session without needing to stress over your carpet getting all rustled up, this mat is absolutely for you!


Unlike the previous one, this one is totally concentrated on carpeted surface areas. This chair mat can be found in 4 various density levels, you can get one according to the density of your carpet. It can be found in Economy, Regular, Standard and Premium levels of density, from low bile carpets to high bile carpets respectively. This is a milky clear flooring mat; it is clear and translucent yet it isn’t totally transparent unless you purchase the exceptional quality flooring mat.

It can be found in an essential shaped style, making turning your chair a a lot easier procedure and offering you a lots of area to move around in. This mat likewise has a lip around the edges of it so your chair can’t run off of the mat unintentionally and harm the carpet below, they actually considered whatever prior to producing this style, didn’t they!


This is among the thinnest yet toughest computer game chair mats out in the market. Floortex are a popular brand name in this field and their items are generally of actually high quality and relied on for their customers. This is for medium to low bile carpets for under 4mm density.

It’s nonagon shape supplies you with a smooth anti-curl style, and offers you a sufficient quantity of moving area while likewise being compact in size to not over step any bounds.