YouTok Shop: Enhancing Diabetes Care and Stroke Prevention

Are you concerned about your diabetes care and cardiovascular health? Look no further! YouTok Shop, in collaboration with the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, is proud to present Know Diabetes by Heart. This groundbreaking initiative aims to reduce cardiovascular deaths, heart attacks, and strokes in individuals living with type 2 diabetes. Our focus is on comprehensive care and education to combat the national public health impact of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Strengthening Diabetes Care at Mount Nittany Medical Center

At Mount Nittany Medical Center, diabetes is a co-diagnosis for approximately 20% of inpatients and 38% of stroke patients. Diabetes is associated with worse outcomes in hospitalized patients, especially those with uncontrolled blood sugar values. To address this issue, Mount Nittany Medical Center has implemented a robust inpatient diabetes care program. With Joint Commission certification, they demonstrate excellence in providing quality diabetes care and education. The program includes following American Diabetes Association guidelines, daily patient education, and discharge planning from day one of hospitalization. The hospital also collects data and provides ongoing diabetes education for all staff.

The Role of Diabetes Educators at Mount Nittany Medical Center

Heather Harpster, a diabetes educator at Mount Nittany Medical Center, plays a crucial role in the inpatient diabetes care program. Her responsibilities include identifying patients who need extra help in managing their diabetes, providing education to patients and staff, and collaborating with case management to ensure appropriate follow-up care for patients. Heather follows a screening process to identify patients who may benefit from her expertise. She also conducts patient encounters and provides individualized education based on the patient’s needs and diagnosis. Mount Nittany’s pharmacy glycemic control program has been instrumental in improving patient outcomes, especially in challenging cases such as COVID-19 patients.

Collaborating for Stroke and Diabetes Care at Mountain Nittany Medical Center

Susan Maynard, the stroke coordinator at Mount Nittany Medical Center, and Melody Halio, the nurse navigator for stroke and diabetes programs, have been instrumental in bridging the gap between stroke and diabetes care. The hospital achieved Primary Stroke Center Certification and has received numerous awards for stroke and diabetes care. By collaborating and sharing data, they address the specific needs of patients with both stroke and diabetes diagnoses. They have improved the diabetes treatment measure and are working towards reducing patient harm from medication-induced hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Their interdisciplinary approach and standardized insulin order set have contributed to their success.

The Future of Diabetes Care and Stroke Prevention

Mount Nittany Medical Center’s diabetes program continues to focus on reducing patient harm and improving patient outcomes. They are working on safe insulin administration protocols, policy revisions, and increasing staff education and awareness. The hospital aims to apply for Joint Commission certification in disease-specific care for diabetes and strengthen their referral process. They also collaborate with community education programs to provide ongoing support and education for patients. Their dedication to improving diabetes care and stroke prevention is evident in their achievements and ongoing initiatives.

YouTok Shop: Your Partner in Diabetes Care and Stroke Prevention

At YouTok Shop, we understand the importance of comprehensive diabetes care and stroke prevention. That’s why we support initiatives like Know Diabetes by Heart and applaud the efforts of hospitals like Mount Nittany Medical Center. As a trusted brand, YouTok Shop is committed to providing you with reliable information, high-quality products, and personalized support for your diabetes care journey. Visit our website at YouTok Shop to explore our range of diabetes management products and resources. Together, we can achieve better diabetes care and stroke prevention for a healthier future.