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ProtoPie Connect is an extension for ProtoPie Studio that allows you to prototype real-world scenarios involving multiple devices, displays, hardware, and APIs seamlessly. It comes with all ProtoPie plans, including the Free plan. Learn more about the different versions of Connect per price tier.

How to Get Started?

Download and install ProtoPie Connect to start building dynamic prototypes that go beyond traditional mobile interactions: Download ProtoPie Connect here.

How Prototypes Communicate in ProtoPie Connect

Communication between multiple devices connected via ProtoPie Connect occurs through Send and Receive messages. The same messaging system is used to pass information back and forth between scenes and components and to create interactions between two devices using ProtoPie Studio as a hub (connecting devices).

Using the Send response, you can send messages to prototypes or hardware devices. You need to use the Receive trigger for other prototypes to hear such messages and respond accordingly.

It is important that both Send and Receive are set up to use the same channel in ProtoPie Studio. For prototypes communicating through ProtoPie Connect, the channel must be “ProtoPie Connect/ Studio.”

How ProtoPie Connect Works

At its core, ProtoPie Connect acts as a socket.IO communication server connecting multiple clients:

  • ProtoPie prototypes running on smart devices (iOS, Android)
  • ProtoPie prototypes running on web browsers on desktops
  • Hardware systems (e.g., Arduino, Logitech G29 steering wheel)
  • External services (e.g., IFTTT webhooks, public APIs)

The clients can communicate either locally, through a localhost server, or within a local area network (LAN). ProtoPie Connect listens on port 9981 to all the IP addresses of the machine on which it is running. You can also modify the active IP address on ProtoPie Connect by clicking on Network from the menu bar and selecting another IP address.

Let’s take automotive as an example. In the following video, tapping a button on the center display triggers animations on the cluster and head-up display (HUD). This is possible thanks to the flexibility and power of ProtoPie Connect.

Connect Desktop vs. Connect Embedded

There are two different types of ProtoPie Connect:

  • Connect Desktop
  • Connect Embedded

Connect Desktop runs on macOS and Windows. It allows you to run multiple prototypes simultaneously and create immersive multi-screen experiences. It includes built-in plugins to integrate ProtoPie with external hardware devices and services, including Arduino and IFTTT. Enterprise plan users can also upload their own custom plugins to create even more unique digital experiences.

Learn more about Connect Desktop and its API, IFTTT, G29, Arduino, Gamepad, blokdots, Unity, and custom plugins.

As its name suggests, Connect Embedded is designed to run on embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi. It’s a standalone server application that runs in the terminal.

Connect Embedded is only available to Enterprise plan users. Learn more about Connect Embedded.

Complete Guide to ProtoPie Connect

ProtoPie School offers a comprehensive guide to ProtoPie Connect in 8 lessons. It starts with a refresher on Send & Receive, then dives into using ProtoPie Connect’s built-in plugins, including how to make your own plugins to integrate with just about anything with a screen — and beyond!
Enroll for free here.