Relive the Taste of History with the 1880s Pemberton Coca-Cola Formula

Welcome, friends, to a journey through time. Today, we venture into the kitchen to recreate a piece of history—the 1880s Pemberton Coca-Cola formula. Pemberton, the brilliant mind behind the creation of Coca-Cola, crafted this recipe as an attempt to wean himself off morphine with the help of cocaine. Although his experiment didn’t yield the desired results, it offers us a glimpse into the origins and taste of this iconic beverage.

Diet Pepsi Glass Bottle
Diet Pepsi Glass Bottle

Unveiling the Secrets

Let’s dive into the process of recreating the 1880s formula. To begin, we’ll need high-proof alcohol. Aim for the highest proof you can find, ensuring it is food-grade. Remember, safety is paramount when working with potent substances.

Next, we turn to the essential oils, which play a crucial role in capturing the authentic flavors of this historic recipe. These oils should be handled with care, as they can be toxic when not used properly. Some of the oils needed for this concoction include orange, lemon, nutmeg, coriander, neroli, and cinnamon. Keep in mind that some oils may be challenging to obtain, like the elusive neroli oil.

A Balancing Act

Measurement precision is essential as we mix tiny amounts of these oils into the alcohol. To achieve accuracy, we rely on small syringes, carefully avoiding any cross-contamination. In cases where specific oils are unavailable, like neroli oil, you can find suitable substitutions, such as bitter orange oil.

Now, let’s move on to the sugar syrup, a significant component of the Coca-Cola formula. Dissolving sugar in water creates a simple syrup. While there have been controversial claims about the presence of cocaine in early Coca-Cola, the real culprit in this delightful drink is its high sugar content.

The Finishing Touches

As the sugar dissolves, take a moment to juice some fresh limes. Lime juice adds a tangy zest to our concoction. Continuing, we add caramel for that distinctive Coca-Cola hue and a touch of flavor. Adding a hint of vanilla further enhances the aromatic profile.

Finally, it’s time to infuse the caffeine extract. Interestingly, Pemberton’s focus shifted from the flavor of the Kola nut to the energizing properties of caffeine during the 1880s. By then, he had already abandoned the use of Kola nut and incorporated citrate of caffeine instead. Today, Coca-Cola no longer contains Kola nut, relying solely on caffeine for that added kick.

The Verdict

With our 7x flavor mixture and sugar water caramel mixture combined, we can appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity that went into this timeless recipe. Remember, proportions are key, as just a touch of this concentrated syrup can transform a few gallons of liquid into a true taste of history.

Upon sampling the final product, one can sense the evolution from this 1880s formula to the Coca-Cola we know today. The sweetness is prominent, but slightly less intense than its modern counterpart. Its refreshing qualities make it a delightful beverage, perfect for casual enjoyment or even as a mixer for rum. It might not measure up to the taste of a classic Coke, but its unique flavor profile is worth exploring.

The Ultimate Taste Test

To put our recreated 1880s Pemberton Coca-Cola formula to the ultimate challenge, we decided to conduct a blind taste test. We compared it with regular Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mexican Coke, Inca Cola, and various Mexican colas. The results were intriguing, as each cola brand offers subtle variations to cater to different palates around the world.

Relive the Magic

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at recreating the 1886 Pemberton Coca-Cola recipe? Embrace the thrill of history and experience a taste that stands the test of time. Remember, this recipe does not contain cocaine, so you can savor it without any reservations.

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Note: This article is for informative purposes only. Please exercise caution when working with potent substances and consult professionals if needed.