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Meet Elizabeth Sullivan, the 104-year-old Dr Pepper enthusiast

Elizabeth Sullivan, a resident of Ft. Worth, Texas, has captured the hearts of many with her vibrant spirit and unyielding love for life. This remarkable woman, who has called the same house her home since 1942, recently celebrated her 104th birthday surrounded by balloons that proudly proclaimed the milestone. But what truly sets Elizabeth apart is her zest for life and her secret to longevity – her beloved Dr Pepper.

Diet Dr Pepper On Sale
Diet Dr Pepper On Sale

A Lone Star State Favorite

When asked about her remarkable journey, Elizabeth credits at least a portion of her long life to her favorite drink: Dr Pepper. In fact, she sips on this carbonated beverage with a sense of pride, defying the warnings of two doctors who cautioned her against it. “This stuff is good. It’s got sugar in it,” she exclaims, her eyes twinkling with mischief. “And two doctors have told me if I drink it, I will die. But they died first,” she adds with a smile, a testament to her witty nature.

The Sweet Secret to Longevity

Elizabeth’s unwavering devotion to her three daily servings of Dr Pepper might raise eyebrows, considering the sugar content. Yet, as she confides, her body seems to thrive on it. “Evidently, my body needs sugar,” she shares, raising her glass in a toast to life. “I don’t take any medication, and they still can’t find anything wrong with me.” Her laughter fills the room as she playfully adds, “Since I’ve been drinking three a day for 50 or 60 years, well, I guess it’s working!”

A Life Well-Lived

Beyond her love for Dr Pepper, Elizabeth’s life is a testament to resilience and intellectual prowess. A proud graduate of the University of Texas, she proudly displays her key from the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society. In her youth, she excelled academically and later shared her knowledge as a high school math teacher in Ft. Worth for many years. Even in her golden years, Elizabeth continued to inspire, tutoring students until recently.

Life’s Cherished Moments

Surrounded by a loving family, Elizabeth cherishes every moment. With two children, six grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren, she has a wealth of love and support. They often urge her to live with them, but Elizabeth’s fierce independence shines through. “If I don’t feel like sleeping, I come sit in this chair, pick up a book, turn on the light, or the TV, and stay up all night,” she chuckles, relishing the freedom to live life on her own terms.

An Inspiration to All

Elizabeth Sullivan’s story serves as a reminder to embrace life’s simple joys and follow our passions unapologetically. With her enduring spirit and determination, she has become an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of knowing her. As we celebrate her remarkable journey, let’s remember that sometimes, the sweetest things in life, like a refreshing Dr Pepper, can hold the key to a long, fulfilling existence.

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