Best massage gaming chair

Best massage gaming chair

Best massage gaming chair

Gaming is enjoyable, however it’s unworthy experiencing lower pain in the back and body pains due to unpleasant video gaming chairs and hours of sitting. Many video gaming chair brand names have actually crafted an out-of-the-box option to keep you comfy and reduce the throbbing discomfort throughout your body.

The response is massage video gaming chairs. These chairs utilize vibration motors comparable to those discovered in computer game controllers—the motors spin, which creates a vibration and massages your muscles to keep them unwinded.

Massage treatment is created to unwind the muscle tissue, restricting the possibility of agonizing convulsions and contractions. In this short article, we’ll cover the 10 finest massage video gaming chairs and what to try to find prior to you purchase one.

The Best Massage Gaming Chairs

  • Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair
  • GTRACING Massage Gaming Chair
  • Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage
  • Homall Gaming Recliner
  • LENTIA Executive Massage Chair
  • Goplus Massage Gaming Chair
  • Shiatsu Full Body Massage Game
  • Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Chair
  • KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair
  • Mecor Massage Office Chair

Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair – Best Massage Gaming Chair Overall

The Ficmax Massage video gaming chair takes the basic video gaming chair to a various level. Compared to the basic video gaming chairs in the market, the Ficmax provides a vibrating massage function on the back pillow, a broader seat cushion, a retractable footrest, and a thicker seat cushion. The back vibration pillow is USB-powered significance, you merely plug it in and permit yourself to unwind. These vibrating motors assist to loosen up stretched and tight muscles in your lower back. In addition, it promotes blood circulation and flow to reduce the pain in the back that you’re experiencing.

We’re likewise happily shocked by the density of the seat cushion. It utilizes a high-density foam determined at 4.8 inches, which just suggests more cushion for you. This assists to ease pressure behind your thighs and butts location. Not to discuss, a high density and density aid to keep its shape much better.

There are likewise lots of other functions that boost the seating experience. After a long video gaming session, users can kick their feet up with a retractable footrest and recline as much as 180 degrees. This permits you to nap conveniently and recover your energy for the next video game.


  • Retractable leg rest enabling you to kick your feet up
  • Includes a back massage pillow to unwind the muscles in your lower back
  • Very economical video gaming chair
  • The back-rest reclines as much as 180 degrees
  • The seat cushion is made with 4.8-inch high-density memory foam for convenience


  • Armrests can just be changed by height

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage – Best Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

The Dowinx video gaming chair resembles the other massage video gaming chairs, other than the primary difference is its carbon fiber upholstery. Most video gaming chairs make use of PU leather, which isn’t the greatest quality leather. Carbon leather is lighter and more resilient while likewise offering a more refined and classic appearance. In addition, making use of carbon leather makes your chair appearance less gimmicky and more glamorous than other chairs.

In addition, the Downix reinforces some terrific adjustable functions, such as the capability to recline as much as 170 degrees backwards and 15 degrees of rocking. Reclining backwards is an exceptional method to take the pressure of your spinal column from keeping an upright position.

Like the other chairs, it provides a USB-powered back massage pillow to help in reducing your pain in the back. With the massage function, you’ll have the ability to sit all the time without feeling the agonizing results of sitting for a long period of time.


  • Supports as much as 350 pounds
  • Available in Prime Retro leather which provides more flexing and abrasion resistance
  • Reclines as much as 170 degrees enabling users to nap
  • Massage back function eases stress and discomfort in the lower back
  • The chair utilizes an 8-inch high-density foam to reduce pressure and boost convenience


  • Not suitable for high individuals above 6 feet

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GTRACING Massage Gaming Chair – Best Massage Gaming Chair for Big & Tall People

GTracing is among the most popular video gaming chair brand names out there. However, their massage chair has actually updated its functions to offer users with a much better well-rounded video gaming experience. This GTracing chair includes a large seat and back-rest style, which is matched for huge and high individuals with a bigger frame. The large seat style has very little side reinforces too, which permits you to comfy sit cross-legged without any concerns at all.

In addition, the GTracing provides a comparable massage function to the Ficmax video gaming chair. The vibrating massage can be triggered by plugging the USB cable television into the chair. Sitting for extended periods can trigger your back muscles to tighten up. Alleviate your lower back muscles with the vibrating muscle function. In addition, rubbing your back assists you to keep excellent posture, and likewise your body will launch endorphins, which are chemicals to ease discomfort and tension.

The other functions look like the other GTracing designs, such as their 3D adjustable armrests. With 3D armrests, you can change it by height, sideway angle, and backwards and forward. This lets you place it completely to reduce the stress in your neck and shoulders.


  • This chair features a large seat style that’s good for cross-legged sitting
  • It provides a USB massage function on the back cushion to unwind and ease lower pain in the back
  • Leather upholstery is simple to tidy and keep
  • The back-rest reclines as much as 150 degrees and locks at any position.
  • The chair has a leg rest for individuals to rest their feet.


  • PU leather can trigger heat accumulation

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Homall Gaming Recliner – Best Sofa Massage Gaming Chair

Massage video gaming chairs aren’t just discovered in computer system chairs however couch reclining chairs too. Sofa reclining chairs are rather varied since they can be utilized in a desk setting or a living-room area. The chair has a visual video gaming style, which completely matches any video gaming setup.

Gamers can likewise take pleasure in the luxurious and thick headrest and back pillow. These pillows are rather large, which is plenty huge enough to fit individuals of various sizes. The advantages of the couch recliner chair are that they are generally a lot more roomy and provide more cushion than the computer system chairs. This Homall video gaming recliner chair utilizes a thick, high-density, and high-resilience sponge cushion, which is created to have a terrific bounce-back result while sitting.

We likewise liked the adjustable abilities of the Homall recliner chair. Users can take pleasure in 3 various back-rest reclining modes from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. So whether you’re video gaming or enjoying a motion picture, you can change the posture to fit your requirements. There’s even a retractable footrest for you to raise your feet. Not to discuss, it features 2 side pouches to hold your necessary products like your phone, wallet, secrets, and controller. The Homall chair even consists of pads on the legs of the chair to avoid scratching the wood floorings when moving the recliner chair around.


  • Very economical couch recliner chair
  • It can recline a complete 180 degrees to nap after a long video gaming session
  • Includes 2 side pockets to keep phone, wallet, secrets, and controllers
  • It features non-marking pads to avoid scratching wood floorings
  • Homall recliner chair features an adjustable headrest and waist pillow


  • The armrests are rather thin and aren’t adjustable

LENTIA Executive Massage Chair – Best Executive Massage Gaming Chair

The Lentia is a workplace chair that has a more advanced set of massage functions compared to the other massage chairs discussed so far. It includes 6 various massage nodes to offer deep tissue massage treatment for users. Four of the nodes lie in the lower and mid-back of the chair, and 2 of the nodes lie on the seat cushion. As an outcome, users can take pleasure in a massage on their back, hip, waist, and under their thighs.

In addition, as you start to utilize the massage function longer, it will start to warm up. Studies have actually shown that heat assists to reduce muscle discomfort and stress. Heat likewise decreases muscle convulsions and increases an individual’s variety of movement and versatility.

For benefit, users can tailor their massage utilizing a push-button control. The Lentia provides 5 modes of massages and 2 strength levels. The strength level includes high or low power. And the 5 modes consist of press, pulse, vehicle, wave, and typical.

Overall, we liked the cushioned thick foam cushion and its modern-day, streamlined leather appearance. When it pertains to comfort and looks, it’s difficult to top what the Lentia executive massage chair deals.


  • The Lentia massages both the lumbar and thigh area
  • The vibrating function has 2 levels of strength and 5 modes of vibration to fit your requirements
  • It utilizes the soft leather and thick foam cushioning throughout the chair for all-day convenience
  • It features a push-button control to change massage settings
  • Arms can turn up for space-saving usage


  • Armrests are just height adjustable

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair – Best Reclining Massage Gaming Chair

The Goplus is a massage video gaming swivel chair finest matched for console video gaming. Instead of having legs or wheels, the swivel chair has a pedestal base that lets users rock backward and forward and swivel 360 degrees. These chairs are seated much lower and offer more cushioning than computer system video gaming chairs. The video gaming swivel chairs offer more convenience than computer system video gaming chairs while likewise being more ergonomic than a sofa.

Like the other massage chairs, the Goplus utilizes 4 vibrating motors in the back-rest to unwind the muscles in your back. These motors lie on the lower and midback. Customize the massage settings utilizing the remote offered. We were rather surprised to discover the variety of changes that include the massage function. The chair has 8 various massage modes, a back and waist massage switch, a massage strength change, and even a timing change. With the timing change, users can customize the vibrating motors to go quick, sluggish or medium speed.

Like most swivel video gaming chairs, the Goplus features an integrated cup holder and side pouches to hold all of your important products. They likewise are readily available in 4 various color pattern: black, blue, grey, pink, and red. These colors match any interior area and will undoubtedly capture the attention of others.


  • Armrest features a hassle-free cup holder
  • The chair consists of side pouches for saving little products
  • The massage function has 4 points of vibration and 8 various massage modes
  • The back-rest and footrest are adjustable
  • PU leather is spill and scratch-resistant


  • It doesn’t have a back assistance

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Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair – Best Massage Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

The Shiatsu massage chair is created to imitate a real-life masseuse. This chair has a really futuristic appearance comparable to something you may discover in a sci-fi aerospace motion picture. It has a dome-like look and will undoubtedly be a good addition to your home. In reality, the back-rest and seat are purposefully curved to match the shape of your spinal column.

There’s no doubt that Shiatsu provides the most total massage abilities we’ve seen. It has 4 air bags, 2 situated on each side to reduce the stress in your hips and waist muscles. Also, there are 4 massage points on the back. What puts the Shiatsu over the top is their various massage techniques. Users can change in between 5 various massage modes: knocking, tapping, kneading, atmospheric pressure, and shiatsu. These are different massage techniques utilized by expert masseuses.

You can likewise take pleasure in the integrated Bluetooth speaker that is consisted of in addition to a hassle-free phone slot. In addition, the Shiatsu comes totally put together, so you won’t need to fret about any complex assembly.


  • Perfect for at home theater or console video gaming
  • The Shiatsu chair has a contemporary and streamlined style
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker to immerse yourself in gameplay
  • The chair is geared up with 4 air bags for full-body relaxation
  • It provides 3 various massage modes to imitate a real-life massage


  • It doesn’t have wheels or legs, making it challenging to move
  • Not terrific for much heavier folks considering that it just supports as much as 200 pounds

Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Chair – Best for Lounging

For those who desire lovely and comfy furnishings to boost their home, you can’t fail with the Best Choice recliner chair. The chair includes an elegant-looking brown or black synthetic leather piece that matches any interior decoration.

One of the distinct elements of this recliner chair is that it supplies a unique double cushioned ottoman footrest for joyous relaxation. The ottoman has its base, so you can move it anywhere feels most comfy. Some retractable footrests can’t be changed in the range, so having a footrest that you can manage works.

The Best Choice recliner chair likewise has lots of adjustable massage functions to select from. It features 5 massage choices, 9 strength levels, and 2 kneading modes. Kneading is a kind of massage treatment created to set in motion and extend the muscle fibers, which reduces discomfort and increases the variety of movement. This assists to decompress your spinal column, particularly if you have a bad practice of stooping over.


  • This chair features 4 vibrating massage points and a heated back-rest for the supreme convenience.
  • It features an ottoman footrest to ease stress in your legs
  • Include a convenient push-button control with lots of various massage and strength levels
  • Brown leather upholstery supplies a really stylish and welcoming look to your home
  • The chair is extremely simple to put together


  • The armrest leaves much to be preferred
  • The footrest isn’t adjustable

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair – Best Cheap Massage Gaming Chair

The Killabee video gaming chair is among the most economical massage video gaming chairs readily available. In reality, it’s more affordable than many video gaming chairs that don’t provide a massage function. One of the huge benefits that video gaming chairs present over other kinds of chairs is their large selection of adjustability. The Killabee chair has an adjustable back-rest that varies from 90 to 175 degrees, enabling you to alter positions based upon your activity, such as playing video games, reading, or resting. Users can likewise take advantage of the retractable footrest, adjustable seat height, and 360-degree swivel.

Similar to the other massage video gaming chairs, the Killabee has a USB-powered massage function where the motors vibrate and turn while plugged in. Although the massage function doesn’t have different setting controls, the massage pillow can be changed by height. This guarantees you the massage strikes the ideal area!


  • Available in 3 colors
  • It provides lots of seat changes such as 175 degrees back recline, seat height change, and 360-degree swivel
  • The armrests are well-padded to reduce pressure from your shoulders and neck
  • The back cushion is height adjustable
  • Race-cars and truck design theme will match any video gaming setup


  • The vibrating massage function isn’t cordless and requires to be powered by a USB

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Mecor Massage Office Chair – Best Massage Office Chair for Gaming

Are you seeking to tailor your massage experiences? The Mecor supplies a multi-function massage function with 6 motors, each expanded in between the mid-back, lower back, and seat cushion. This guarantees full-body massage assistance while sitting.

With the remote, you can tailor your massage to fit your choices. For example, you can change the strength level in between high or low. In addition, you can change the period time for the massage varying from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. It even permits you to alter the temperature level of the heating function. As an outcome, users seem like they’re getting a reasonable message instead of a gimmicky vibrating experience.


  • The Mecor has a heating back-rest to keep you warm, particularly in a cold space with a/c systems or throughout the winter season
  • It has numerous massage points that will keep your thighs, lower back, and upper back unwinded
  • It features a cordless remote to manage the strength and other massage settings
  • It appears like an executive design chair that fits both video gaming and work functions
  • Able to change the seat height and recline back-rest


  • The armrests appear a little brief
  • It doesn’t consist of a footrest, unlike other video gaming massage chairs

Types of Massage Gaming Chairs

For every kind of video gaming chair, you can consider; producers have actually developed a method to craft the massage function.

Racing Style Chairs

Racing-design chairs are understood for their race-car style style and bucket-style seats. These chairs were influenced by the interior of a motorsport lorry, which is why it has a container seat, winged back, and a high back-rest. Typically, the massage operates in these chairs are USB powered and don’t include any settings. The back pillow has motors that merely vibrate or turn versus your lower back muscles.


Recliners are armchairs that individuals normally utilize in the living-room. These chairs look like the couch chair. The advantage of these chairs is that they offer more cushion and a lower seat height, making them terrific for console video gaming and enjoying motion pictures. Like the video gaming chairs, the massage function lies on the back pillow and doesn’t provide any extra settings.

Full Body Massage Chairs

Full body massage chairs are comparable in style to movie-theater seats and look like the massage chairs you’d discover in a furnishings chair. These chairs provide users the most customization when it pertains to the massage function.

They consist of numerous vibrating nodes or motors throughout the chair, generally found in the mid-back, lower back, and seat cushion. Some of these chairs have up to 8 vibrating motors! In addition, users can enhance their massage utilizing a remote or integrated control board. Typically, they have different strength levels, massage modes, timing, and even heating levels.

Executive Office Chairs

The executive workplace chairs normally provide a greater quality leather and well-padded compared to other kinds of chairs. As an outcome, these chairs have less adjustability than the video gaming chairs. However, they likewise look aesthetically enticing and communicate a greater status due to their glamorous looks. Executive workplace chairs have differing levels of massage function abilities. Some provide full-body massage treatment, while others just provide lower back massages. However, many can be managed utilizing a remote.

Choosing the Best Massage Gaming Chair – Buyer’s Guide

There are numerous elements when it pertains to choosing the very best massage chair that fits your requirements.

PC Vs. Console Gaming

Choosing in between a PC or a console video gaming chair will depend upon your video gaming requires. If you tend to play video game more, you’ll require a PC video gaming chair. That’s since they have more adjustable functions such as seat height, armrests, and back-rest recline changes. These are essential change functions required to guarantee you are being in a healthy posture while playing video game.

In contrast, if you often play console video games, you won’t require seat height adjustability. Console video gaming chairs are created to have a lower seat height and not have any wheels. Instead, they are created to have great deals of cushioning and cushion comparable to a couch recliner chair or sofa. However, they likewise have back assistance or curved back-rest to guarantee much better ergonomics than many basic living-room furnishings.

Build Quality

Many parts cause the develop quality of a chair. This includes its base, armrests, upholstery, and whatever in between. The finest frame a chair ought to have is steel or aluminum considering that they are shown to last for over a years. Avoid a chair that has a plastic base or frame. Sometimes producers might masquerade plastic parts by utilizing the term “nylon.”

In addition, likewise try to find the quality in upholstery. For leather, it’s finest to select bonded leather, real leather, or carbon fiber leather over basic PU leather. Higher quality leather is more resilient, spill and scratch-resistant.

As for seat cushions, we suggest picking ones with the greatest possible density levels. For example, a 5-inch thick foam cushion with a density level of 1.8 high resiliency lasts about 3 years. Unfortunately, seat cushions are among the very first parts to use down. Therefore, the greater the density level, the longer it will last.

Lumbar Support

The whole point of having massage chairs is to lower pain in the back. However, back assistance is the essential to keeping a healthy posture for a long period of time. A back cushion ought to suit the curvature of your spinal column so that it can stay upright without putting excessive pressure on your lower back.

That suggests you require to discover back assistance that can be changed by height and depth. With most basic video gaming chairs, it makes use of a back assistance pillow, indicating you can just change the straps greater. More advanced chairs will have an integrated back system, and you can change the depth of the assistance by turning the knob.

In addition, a massage function is a good addition to the back assistance since you’re able to unwind the muscles positioned in your lower body. This assists to decompress the spinal column, indicating a spinal column that stoops forward can straighten once again. Typically a stiff back ends up being inflexible and loses its variety of movement. A deep tissue massage assists to fix this issue. That’s why we suggest having a massage chair that can massage numerous locations of your back and has various modes and strength levels to reverse a few of the damage from sitting for extended periods.

Seat Comfort

Office chairs and recline chairs normally offer the very best seat cushion. Executive workplace chairs are well-padded throughout the chair, consisting of the armrests. When taking a look at the seat cushion, check to see the density of the seat cushion. For example, the Ficmax chair has a 4.8-inch thick high-density foam cushion. Foam cushions are rather resilient and keep their’s foam structure for a long period of time.

Some chairs might utilize a memory foam cushion that is created to comply with the user’s body. This avoids the individual from sinking too deeply, which triggers stress, and it will rearrange the pressure uniformly. It is created to enhance your posture by minimizing the tension put on your tailbone and hips.


Gaming chairs are the simple option for having the most varied variety of adjustable functions. Many video gaming chairs can recline a complete 160 to 180 degrees backwards and have a rocking function. A back-rest recline is necessary since it permits players to take a break and take a few of the pressure off their spinal column. It even rearranges the weight and gets rid of a few of the pressure from your hips and legs.

The quantity of change you require depends upon what you prepare to utilize the chair for. If you’re sitting at a computer system desk, you’ll require more adjustable functions such as seat height and armrests. However, console video gaming is seated lower to the ground and won’t require these functions.

Adjustable seat height and armrests guarantee that you sit at the correct height lined up with your desk. Your arms ought to be parallel to the desk height, and your feet ought to be plated on the ground. Some armrests can be changed by height, sideways angle, forward and backwards, and left and right.


Surprisingly, massage video gaming chairs are a lot more economical than you’d anticipate. Computer video gaming chairs are the most affordable alternative when it pertains to massage chairs. They normally have the most affordable quality upholstery and very little functions for their massage functions. The Homall and the Killabee video gaming chair are the most economical chairs on our list.

Office chairs and console video gaming chairs will be priced a little greater. This is since they have more cushioning and normally have more performance on their video gaming chairs. These chairs consist of the GoPluss massage chair and the Mecor massage chair. The most glamorous designs are full-body massage chairs since they permit users to tailor their massage experience to fit their choices.


With a massage video gaming chair, you’ll never ever wish to leave your seat once again! Whether you’re video gaming, working, or lazing, sitting for hours can take a toll on your body. This can leave your body sensation stiff and agonizing. Some of the typical results consist of back and neck discomfort, tight hips, and more.

With the numerous massage chairs out there, discovering the ideal one to reduce your discomfort can be challenging. We hope our purchaser’s guide assists offer insight into picking the very best chair to fit your requirements!