Best firewood processor for the money

Best Firewood Processor For The Money In 2022

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Are you looking for the best firewood processor for the money? You’ll want to read this article. It will give advice on what features are important, how to find the best one, and reviews of some of the top models available.
This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about finding a good wood chipper!

If you’re in need of a tool that will assist you cut and divide logs into workable sized fire wood, you might gain from buying a fire wood processor. We took a look at a few of the best fire wood processors readily available in 2021 and put our fire wood cutting, flavoring, storage concepts and use proficiency to utilize. Here, we’ve selected the 5 finest fire wood processors readily available today. If you’re brand-new to fire wood, no concerns! We likewise discuss what a fire wood processor is, what to search for in a fire wood processor, and how one works.

Best firewood processor for the money

What Is a Firewood Processor?

The firewood processor is a tool that cuts and splits wood without any manual labor. It has 4 parts: the log deck, saw station with an attached blade for slicing through logs easily; splitting chamber where heat from your stove can do most of its work (and maybe even spare some energy); then there’s outfeed area which allows you easy access when it comes time to feed moreITS into this machine so they’re always ready!

Most fire wood processors are developed to deal with logs as much as 12 feet long, though measurements might differ. All you require to do prior to feeding your logs into the processor is de-limb them.

Firewood processors are utilized both expertly, for developing stacks upon stacks of fire wood for sale, and independently, for splitting a couple of logs into sufficient fire wood to heat up a house all winter season.

How Do Firewood Processors Work?

Knowing how a fire wood processor works is crucial prior to purchasing one. There are a couple of factors to consider to bear in mind about fire wood processors prior to purchasing. Here are the primary parts of a common fire wood processor and how they work.

Log deck

The log deck is the part of the fire wood processor onto which you feed the logs. This area of the maker is usually made from durable steel. Log decks generally support numerous pounds of weight.

Once logs are positioned onto the log deck, they are pulled into the maker by a conveyor belt or comparable system by some mechanical aid like an excavator or skid guide.

At this point, the logs are prepared to go through onto the saw station and end up being “rounds” (firewood-length pieces).

Saw station

The saw station of a fire wood processor cuts the log into rounds. The procedure takes a matter of seconds in many cases. Some saw stations cut logs as much as 15 or 16 inches in size in just 5 seconds or less.

Depending on the make and design, saw stations include among 3 kinds of saws that cut the logs after being put on the log deck and pulled into the maker. These are hydraulic chainsaw harvester bars, big slasher saw blades (commercial size circular saw blades), or guillotines powered by hydraulics or PTO from a tractor or an engine.

After the log goes through the saw station, now called a “round,” it proceeds to the splitting chamber. Once the round makes it past this next action, it will be properly sized for fire wood usage. In guillotine-style fire wood processors, the log is divided and cut in one action.

Splitting chamber

The 2nd to last stop for logs headed through a fire wood processor is the splitting chamber. After the wood has actually been fed into the maker and cut, it goes through this system area. Typically, the round is required to divided by being driven into a wedge. Most wedges are developed to divide rounds into 2, 4, 6, or 8 pieces. However, some variations divided fire wood into as numerous as 16 pieces.

After being divided, rounds are now completely processed fire wood prepared to be filled, stacked, experienced, or provided when they go through the maker’s last area.


The outfeed is the last stop for logs going through a fire wood processor. Most outfeed areas include a conveyor belt, or several conveyor belts, to bring the wood out and away from the processor.

Where the fire wood pursues going through the outfeed depends upon you. If processing fire wood for business functions, the wood can be moved straight to a truck or trailer. On the other hand, if processing fire wood for your house, the wood can be sent out to a stack for stacking, flavoring, and racking.

A fire wood processor’s output capability can be determined by the number of cables of cut and split fire wood it puts out per hour. This number varies in between one and 5 for the majority of makers. It is likewise a figuring out consider the rate of a fire wood processor.

Best Firewood Processors of 2022

Now that we understand what fire wood processors do, how they work, and what to search for in one prior to purchasing, here are our choices for the very best systems of 2022. In selecting these specific fire wood processors to examine, we kept all of the factors to consider discussed above in mind and more.

Best Premium Custom Firewood Processor

The Cord King CS Series is easily acknowledged worldwide as one of the best fire wood processors for the cash. Few systems compare to the power and accuracy the Cord King CS Series supplies.

Equipped with a hard carbide-tooth slasher saw (circular saw), the CS Series fire wood processors finish logs. This fire wood series has an industry-leading cut-to-cut time of under 5 seconds. That indicates you can produce in between 4 and 10 complete cables of fire wood per hour.

Even more, the fire wood processors in the CS Series likewise need less regular upkeep than other processors in the very same classification. CS Series saws just require honing after producing 1,000 to 1,500 cables of fire wood.

Best Small Firewood Processor

With a powerful motor and large capacity hopper, the HFP160 Firewood Pro is among 2022’s best-in class fire wood processors. It can process 20 inch or 28inch rounds into 4 pieces of ready to burn kindling in just minutes!

Extremely mobile, this fire wood processor permits the operator to quickly transfer the completed item into cool stacks for stacking and into bins, trucks, trailers, and more. Also, the processor is little and effective enough just to need a single operator.

Weighing in at 2050lbs, the fire wood processor might be smaller sized than others, however it does not do not have any bigger makers’ power. The system determines 52in broad and 43 in high and is feedable with logs as much as 16in in size.

This processor is developed with skid guide log installing in mind. However, it can rapidly and quickly be tailored to be suitable with little excavators and wheel loaders.

Best Circular Saw Firewood Processor

Posch’s S-375 is a joystick-controlled high-speed fire wood processor geared up with a big 35.4in tungsten tipped slasher-type circular saw. In contrast to older and clunkier fire wood processors, the Posch S-375 needs little manual work to run.

The maker deals with logs as much as 14.5in in size. After cutting the logs, the system divides the rounds into your option of 2, 4, 6, or 8 pieces of fire wood. The splitter has a force of 12 lots. The length of completed fire wood can be pre-set for as much as 19.6in.

The bulk of the maker’s functions are all manageable from a joystick. Also, there are half-stroke and only-cut settings for round-production and splitting speeds.

The processor utilizes 2 conveyor belts and a hydraulic wood infeed for feeding logs into the maker, carrying the logs through the numerous cycles, and transferring the completed fire wood out and away from the system.

One of the sweetest parts about these specific fire wood processors is that the maker produces numerous add-ons that increase your general production with the system. The add-ons are enabled by external hydraulic ports. Among others, numerous fire wood manufacturers discover the powered log table and the PackFix log covering maker helpful.

Best Tractor Mounted Firewood Processor

Are you searching for a tractor-mounted wood processor to finish your logs this year? In that case, the Range-Road RR270PTO is our leading suggestion.

This 3-point drawback installed fire wood processor is geared up with a 540 Rpm PTO drive. The system produces over a cable of fire wood per hour and deals with logs of 16in in size or less. The fire wood processor divides rounds 2, 4, or 6 methods with an 83Lpm 3625 Psi hydraulic pump with a 27-ton ram. Also, the completed fire wood pieces determine 12in in length.

The system weighs 1250lbs, lighter than numerous similar fire wood processors on the marketplace. It utilizes a basic log arm with a 10in broad and 10ft 6in in length. The maker includes powder-coated steel parts, a primary deck of 3mm formed steel sheeting with 16mm subframe supports, and a bar oil drip system for lubricating throughout operations.

The splitting wedge is 3/4in in width and 6in in depth. That stated, the processor can cutting broad logs of as much as 12ft long. The rounds it produces are 24in long.

As far as service warranties and warranties are worried, this bad kid features a one-year guarantee covering hydraulics and the maker’s body. It likewise consists of a 3-month guarantee for business usage.

Best Firewood Processor with Chainsaw

For those looking to get the most out of their firewood processing experience, Avant’s hydraulic chainsaw system is worth considering. Although not as popular or well-known among other processors on our list it should be considered before making any final decisions!

The maker includes a chain saw cutter and hydraulic log splitter. Feed logs into the maker’s front end and the chainsaw will take hold and cut the log. After the log is cut, it instantly drops onto the adjustable splitting table.

A discharge conveyor for outfeed functions and an oil tank for lubrication are additional readily available choices for the 400-800 design systems.


Is a firewood processor worth it?

Investing in a firewood processor can help you save time and money for personal use, or build your business towards selling the wood. … Using this machine also makes it safer than using chainsaws and axes as they allow users to stay at safe distances from cut material while still being able process large amounts quickly!

How much does a firewood processor cost?

A processor is a great investment for anyone looking to start their own firewood business. The average starting cost is around $10,000 which may be more than the typical person would like invest but it can pay off quickly with lower overhead costs and higher success rate when selling products on market day as well!

Is firewood processing profitable?

Selling firewood is the best method to make money on your property. The profit margin can be as high as 75% depending where you live, and it’s easy! All that needs done in order for this business model work? Find out how much people are willing pay per cord within a certain delivery area- then sell them what they need at those prices or less–and charge an additional fee if there’s any delivery involved (plus stacking).

What does a firewood processor do?

A firewood processor is a machine designed to cut and split logs with minimal manual handling of the lumber. … Processing begins when they are piled up, generally 10-12 feet (3 meters) long – this pile will eventually become your new piece of furniture!



The best firewood processor for the money is worth researching. With many options, it’s important to prioritize what you want your machine to do and then find a product that matches those needs. We hope this article has helped you understand the different types of processors available so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

Conclusion paragraph: The best firewood processor for the money is a question that many people ask before they make their purchase. In order to find the perfect machine, you need to consider what type of work you want it do and how much space you have available in your yard or storage shed. We hope this article has been helpful as we discussed some options for finding a good wood chipper at an affordable price. If you’re still shopping around for a great deal on a new machine, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team with any questions!