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Castleton is one of the many neighborhoods that make up Indianapolis. It has a mixture of old and new homes, as well as businesses. The best place to find the latest in technology and appliances is at Best Buy Castleton. You’ll find everything you need to outfit your home with the latest electronics. Whether you’re looking for a new television or just want to upgrade your computer, Best Buy Castleton has you covered. They also have a great selection of appliances, so you can get everything you need in one stop. Stop by today and see what they have to offer!

Best Buy Stores in Indianapolis, IN

Best Buy Stores in Indianapolis, IN


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Address: 5820 E 82nd St Indianapolis, IN 46250
Telephone / Landline / Contact Number: (317) 841-0711

About: When you come to Best Buy Castleton, we’ll help make your living space more modern with the latest HDTVs and gaming consoles. Our experts are here for all of our customers’ technology needs—whether it’s finding an oven that will fit what matters most in life or fixing a phone screen on its last leg!
We specialize not only as suppliers but also retailers so everyone has access too high quality appliances at competitive prices while still being able show off their skills during promos like Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals which happen every year around this time

How do I check product availability at the Castleton Best Buy?

Check back often for up-to date product availability information. Product status such as “Sold Out” or “In Store Only” may change throughout the season, so be sure to check both on sale items that are still in stock at your local store AND those sold out by phone before making another purchase!
Reduce Costs & Save Money

1. The Best Buy Castleton location is one of the newest locations in Indianapolis
2. This store has an interactive showroom for customers to try out different products
3. There are also workshops and events held at this location, such as free computer classes or children’s storytimes
4. It’s easy to find parking at this location, with plenty of spaces available right outside the store
5. Inside there are five floors worth of product offerings to explore, including a large selection of electronics, computers, appliances and more
6. Customers can check out online before they come into the store so that they know exactly what they want when they arrive 7) They have a wide variety of services offered onsite – from phone repairs to TV installation – so you don’t need to take your items elsewhere after purchase
8) For those who prefer shopping online but still want customer service assistance during their purchase process, there’s live chat available on their website 24 hours a day!
9) The best thing about this location is that it offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality or service levels! If you’re looking for high-quality home goods without paying too much money then head over to Best Buy Castleton today!

  • The Best Buy Castleton in Indianapolis, IN is a great place to find electronics
  • This store has TVs from all the major brands, including Samsung and LG
  • They have laptops for sale as well as tablets with Windows 10 installed
  • You can also find home theater systems that come with a TV and surround sound speakers
  • If you’re looking for a new laptop or tablet, this store will have what you need at an affordable price!
  • They even offer special deals on computers every week so be sure to check back often!

Store Hours:

Mon 10am – 9pm
Tue 10am – 9pm
Wed 10am – 9pm
Thu 10am – 9pm
Fri 10am – 9pm
Sat 9am – 10pm
Sun 10am – 8pm

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To find the best deals on electronics, visit Best Buy. With stores in Indianapolis and many other cities nationwide, you’ll be able to save time by shopping at one of their retail locations or online where they offer free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement. Whether you need a new laptop for work, an HDTV for your living room, headphones for listening to music while traveling, or any other electronic product that fits your needs; Best Buy has what you are looking for!