Beachsissi Reviews: Do Beachsissi Swimwear Worth the Price?

Beachsissi Reviews: Do Beachsissi Swimwear Worth the Price?

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Shopping for swimwears can be difficult. Even with more costly brand names, fit and quality can be a hit or miss out on. One website that is growing in appeal since of their budget-friendly swimsuit is Beachsissi. With how inexpensive their rates are, I chose to attempt it out and share extensive Beach sissi evaluates to assist others choose if it’s worth purchasing.

Summertime means one thing for most people: time at the beach! Whether you’re looking to relax in the sand or catch some waves, the beach is always a great option. If you’re looking for a new spot to check out, I’ve got you covered with my Beachsissi Reviews. In this series, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on various beaches around Los Angeles and beyond. Stay tuned for updates!


Considering their outstanding item images on Instagram and their site, I had a great sensation about the brand name.

What is Beachsissi?

Based in China, Beachsissi is an online store all focused around ladies’s swimsuit and beachwear. From swimsuits to tankinis to gowns to cover-up, they’ve got it all.

Beach Sissi is a company that offers swimsuits in all shapes and sizes at an affordable price. They are great for anyone looking to add some flair with their design!

Aside from swimsuit, they likewise have a large choice of gowns and other beachy clothes.


They offer high-quality swim sets and gowns at competitive prices. Their typical rates hover around $30, but they frequently have extra sales to take an additional portion off your order! In addition, there’s a sale area with even more discounted items that will help make sure you find whatever it is your looking for in one place on the website – no matter how specific or general their product types may be.”

Return Policy

Beachsissi doesn’t have the very best return policy. While they do accept returns, the purchaser is needed to pay return shipping.

You likewise require to call them within 15 days to start returns and products should be returned in initial condition.

My Beachsissi Reviews

While there are a range of matches that are extensively popular on this website, I chose to experiment with 3 of their very popular sets.

I bought the doing the same:


I didn’t find Beachissi to be a great company. Their products are just OK and the rates aren’t very affordable for me, so I may not shop with them again in future if that changes! The materials seems like good quality but its not an item of clothing you can wear out or anywhere else where people will see it-the fit isn ‘t lovely at all .

So I found out that there are much better rates and quality from other quick style websites.

For example, Missguided and Nasty Gal swimsuit is normally the exact same rate variety (and even more affordable) when they have among their regular sitewide sales. I’ve discovered sets as low as $10 at Nasty Gal!


I’ve purchased from numerous abroad stores, but Beachsis has the longest shipping I’ve ever experienced. This feedback is really typical in other people’s evaluate too – so it doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident for them! Some individuals didn’t even get their orders after months of waiting..

Luckily, I got mine in a little longer than a month, however this is still a quite long haul.


The quality of this swimwear is simply okay. Funny enough, I’ve gotten comparable (and even some greater) pieces from other quick-style brands like Nasty Gal that we discussed previously in our discussion on which website offers the best prices for secondhand clothing?


These suits were not customizable enough for my body shape and size. The adjustable straps made it difficult to find a good fit, while also looking like I wasn’t wearing any bra underneath which is never flattering when you’re trying to impress people at the beach!
I’m shaped quite differently than most women so these swimwear pieces might look great on someone else with skinnier figures or less curves (such as men).

Other Customer Reviews

Since I’m just one individual, I figured I’d glance some other evaluations to see what other individuals have actually experienced with this brand name.

If you browse their Trustpilot, you’ll see that evaluates begun to reverse in October of 2020. Before this, they were getting approximately 15 bad evaluations every month. After that, they began to get 30+ fantastic evaluations every month. This does appear a bit weird, however it’s difficult to state if this is genuine or phony. Their Sitejabber score is considerably lower,

We’ve pulled quotes sharing leading points from other Beachsissi consumers (sadly, a lot of evaluations aren’t fantastic).

“Order one swimwear in early July and it’s September now, it never arrived. Contacted customer service to provide a tracking number in Aug and they keep avoiding my request.” – Christina L.

“The suits are not as imagined, and forget returning them if you’re dissatisfied.” – Amanda L.

“Ordered 3 swimsuits that arrived and were way too small, even though I ordered up. I contacted them to return and get a refund and they offered to send me new items 50% off.” – Mimi M.

Overall, Is Beachsissi Worth It?

I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle. I finally got my swimsuit after a long wait, but then realized that mine had bad reactions from customer care too! There are also many reviews claiming they never received their order with good feelings being delivered by BeachISSISI staff so continue on anyways-you’ll probably have better luck than me anyway .


Beachsissi coupon code ?

-Beachsissi is a unique online store that offers an amazing selection of women’s swimwear and accessories.

– Their collection includes bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, hats, sunglasses and more.

– They offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from so you can find the perfect look for your next beach vacation.

– And best of all, they’re offering our readers an exclusive 20% discount on their entire order! Just use the code ‘BEACHSISSI20’ at checkout.

– So don’t wait any longer, head over to and start shopping!

Is Beachsissi legitimate?

The company’s consumer rating is 3.21 stars based on 1,056 reviews from Beachingsissi customers indicating that they are generally satisfied with their purchases and most importantly have not experienced any issues so far! Consumers who mention good quality as well fast delivery tend to be more loyal buyers than those expressing dissatisfaction towards both these factors which helps them rank 8th among Swimwear sites according the survey conducted by Inc 500 Blogs

Is Beachsissi a US company?

BeachSisi offers the most affordable and cute swimsuits for women of all ages. They are based in China, meaning they have an international customer base that loves how accessible Beach SisSea is from anywhere on earth!


Beachsissi is a company that offers the best in outdoor beach gear. Our products are designed to last and we stand behind them 100%. You can purchase with confidence knowing you will be happy with your product for years to come! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask us anything – we’re here to help! Don’t forget there’s always FREE shipping on your order over $50 too! Let us know what other reviews or information about our business that you would like by commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!