AriZona Diet Blueberry Green Tea: Is There Really Ginseng in It?

Do you remember when ginseng started to make its way into products? It was around the late 90s and suddenly, this “miracle herb” was everywhere. Ginseng was believed to have numerous health benefits, prompting many companies to add it to their products. One such company was AriZona tea, a popular brand known for its delicious teas. However, according to a recent class action lawsuit, AriZona tea may not actually contain any ginseng at all.

The price of ginseng has skyrocketed over the years, with it now costing over $1,000 per pound. That’s a staggering amount! So, if you’re only paying a few dollars for a can of AriZona green tea with ginseng, chances are you’re not getting much ginseng in it. Top Class Actions conducted tests on AriZona ice tea and found no traces of ginseng. It seems that as ginseng became more expensive, AriZona may have chosen to exclude it from their products altogether.

AriZona tea has been marketing their tea as containing ginseng, enticing consumers who are looking for natural and healthy energy sources. But if there’s no ginseng in their tea, then what are people really getting? It’s disappointing to think that consumers may have been led to believe they were getting a premium ingredient, only to find out it’s not there.

Of course, there could be other factors at play. Some people may still feel more energetic after drinking AriZona green tea with ginseng, but this could be due to the caffeine and sugar content rather than the alleged ginseng. The placebo effect could also be playing a role, as people convince themselves that they feel the expected effects of ginseng.

It remains to be seen how AriZona tea will respond to this lawsuit. They may have to start adding ginseng to their drinks or clarify that it’s just ginseng flavoring. Regardless, it’s a disappointing situation for consumers who have been paying a premium for a product that may not contain the advertised ingredient.

This class-action lawsuit currently represents states like California and New York, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it becomes a nationwide issue soon. With the increasing number of comments and discussions on this topic, it’s clear that consumers are concerned about the truth behind AriZona’s claims.

If you’re an AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng drinker, you may want to stay updated on this issue. To learn more about this lawsuit and other consumer-related matters, visit Top Class Actions and sign up for their newsletter. Stay informed and make informed choices as a consumer.

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