Andy Reid’s Weight Loss Journey: A Coach’s Battle with Body Weight

Andy Reid Weight Loss
Andy Reid Weight Loss


Andy Reid, renowned for his hard work and unique coaching approach in the National Football League, has struggled with weight loss throughout his career. While excelling as a coach, Reid has faced challenges in achieving personal weight loss goals. Let’s delve into his weight loss journey and discover the methods he has employed over the years.

Andy Reid Weight Loss

The 75-Pound Weight Loss in 2009

In 2009, during his tenure as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid successfully shed 75 pounds in just three months. ESPN reveals that Reid followed a specialized diet known as the Medifast Plan, which played a significant role in his remarkable weight loss journey. The Medifast diet is a nutritionally balanced program that focuses on portion control, low fat, and clinical effectiveness. By creating a calorie deficit, this plan enables the body to burn fat for energy.

Continual Progress: Following Rex Ryan’s Lead

Andy Reid’s weight loss journey did not end in 2009. In 2015, he engaged in a friendly exchange of compliments with Rex Ryan, then the coach of the Buffalo Bills. Ryan, who underwent Lap-Band surgery in 2010, successfully shed 130 pounds. Impressed by Reid’s transformation, Ryan praised his colleague’s remarkable progress and slimmed-down appearance. Acknowledging his own progress, Reid modestly stated that he still had work to do to catch up with Ryan’s achievements.

Striving for Consistency: The 60-Pound Loss in 2017

In his ongoing commitment to overcome weight-related challenges, Andy Reid achieved another milestone in 2017 by losing an additional 60 pounds. Although he continues to work towards his weight loss goals, Reid remains determined to maintain consistency and progress. During an interview on Schefter’s ‘Know Them From Adam’ podcast, Reid humorously referred to his weight loss as shedding off the equivalent of a small child. He has even engaged in a weight loss contest with Chiefs assistant coaches, adopting their trainer’s recommended diet.


Andy Reid’s weight loss journey serves as a testament to his perseverance and determination. Despite his success as a coach, he has openly faced his battle with body weight, showcasing that anyone can strive for personal improvement. His dedication to finding effective weight loss methods, such as the Medifast Plan and engaging in friendly competitions with colleagues, sets an inspiring example for others.

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